What You Need To Know About The Starbucks Coffee 2018 Planner

No matter how you try to deny it, Christmas is officially here. The Christmas lights around the cities, the Christmas songs on the radio, the holiday decorations at the malls, the Christmas countdown after every news and current affairs show, and the unveiling of the Starbucks Holiday planner, beverages, collectibles and its exciting prizes!

As early as November, Starbucks fans can already start collecting stickers to get their hands on the much awaited planners.

There are three (3) ways to get yourself the new Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2018 Planner.

  1. Collect Stickers!

Customer’s can avail of a Starbucks Christmas Traditions Promo Card from November 2, 2017 to January 8, 2018 with no purchase required.

One stickers is awarded for each Starbucks handcrafted beverage purchase. Holder must accumulate a total of eighteen (18) stickers, to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2018 Planner.

2. A Single Receipt Bulk Purchase

A single receipt bulk purchase of food and other retail items (merchandise, whole bean and Starbucks VIA, Teavana) worth at least P7,000.00 will entitle you to one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2018 Planner. Combination of receipts is not allowed.

So if your boss plans to buy merchandise or treat the whole office, just ask them for the planner. Not unless they want the planner too.

3. The Golden Circle

Ask your partner to collect stickers for you, and your friends, and your family members, and your office mates, and your parents. You know who to ask.

Redemption of the Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2018 Planner  in only up to March 8, 2018 at Starbucks stores in the Philippines only.

Here are facts about the new Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2018 Planner:

The two planner designs feature brushstrokes that come in shades of green, blue, and orange color ways. It comes with a fold-able desk calendar. It comes with a stencil if you want to be creative with your notes.

Planners come in two sizes. The planner comes with a special market exclusive Starbucks Card inspired by the Starbucks Kape Vinta whole bean artwork.

Activating the card and loading with a minimum of P300.00 will give a chance to win FREE Starbucks for a year!

There will be two raffle draws:

  • January 19, 2018 (entries from Jan 1 – 15) – Twenty (20) FREE Starbucks for a month! Winners will be announced on January 22.

360 beverage Stars equivalent to 30 complimentary grande handcrafted beverage with up to two (2) add-ons.

  • February 9, 2018 (entries from January 1 – 31) – Twenty (20) FREE Starbucks for a year. Winners will be announced on February 12.

4,380 beverage Stars equivalent to 365 complimentary grande handcrafted beverage with up to two (2) add-ons.

The leather sleeve protects the planner and gives it a sophisticated touch. The leather can be used with other notebooks that has the same size.