TeavanaStarbucks® Teavana™ – A New Modern Tea Experience

TeavanaStarbucks® Teavana™ – A New Modern Tea Experience

Starbucks is putting tea in the spotlight as they announced the launch of Starbucks® TeavanaHandcrafted Beverages and Full Leaf Tea Sachets. Although Starbucks® is known for it’s coffee, Starbucks® has been serving new premium tea experience for customers since it started. It’s old logo proves it.


Taking the spotlight starting September 14 are three (3) new Iced Shaken tea and six (6) new, delicious and vibrant Starbucks® Teavana™ hot teas.


The three (3) new handcrafted beverages includes the Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls. My favorite among the three because of it’s aroma and the pomegranate pearls that pops in your mouth. The one in the middle is the Iced Shaken Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit and Honey which combines  a traditional western black tea experience with a creative twist that is delicious iced with bites of pomelo fruit, grapefruit and honey for a touch of added sweetness. The popular among the three mixes match powder layered with milk and Starbucks signature Espresso Roast, the Matcha & Espresso Fusion. Matcha
& Expresso Fusion can be enjoyed hot or iced.


Joining the iced shaken tea drinks are the hot teas that I am a fan of. I order the hisbiscus tea whenever I get the chance. English Breakfast – A handcrafted blend of Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Ceylon and Chinese black tea. This tastes great with or without milk.


Youthberry™ – Inspired by super fruits, acai fruit is blended with tropical pineapple and mango flavors with high quality white tea, balanced by rosehips and tart green apple.


Emperor’s Clouds and Mist™ – Exclusively harvested during the month of April and grown on the steep, windy slopes of Huangshan Mountain at 3,500 feet above sea level, this tea has a rich body and a naturally sweet flavor.


Hibiscus – Bright, juicy papaya and mango combined with citrus lemongrass for a naturally caffeine-free blend. Hibiscus flowers lend the tea a slight tartness and extraordinary deep fuchsia color.


Starbucks’ Full Leaf Tea is also available in Chamomile and Mint Blend. Customers who love tea can now enjoy a new tea experience in our stores or in the comfort of their own home through a contemporary at-home experience. I’m more of a tea person than coffee and I’m glad that Starbucks gave tea a share of the spotlight.

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