STI Welcomes August Branch for College Freshmen

STI Welcomes August Branch for College Freshmen

Committed to providing students with relevant education and world-class opportunities, STI College opens its doors for a new batch of incoming college freshmen in August this school year.

While the majority of colleges and universities in the Philippines follow the June to March academic calendar, “STI will open classes in August to match pace with educational institutions internationally and better prepare our students for opportunities here and abroad,” said Peter K. Fernandez, President and COO of STI Education Services Group, Inc.

He also noted that many distinguished state universities and colleges have already shifted their semester intake in an effort to internationalize the institutions. According to the 2016-2017 data of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges, thirty four universities and colleges had already adopted the August to May calendar.

This initiative further supports the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) integration whose vision is ‘to narrow the development gaps, to prepare youth for regional leadership, and to increase the competitiveness of the people.’

As one of the last two countries in the ASEAN region with a predominantly June-March academic calendar (the other one being Thailand), the main advantage for students enrolling in the August semester is the opportunity to qualify for student exchange and research programs abroad. Their qualifications will also be recognized by foreign countries, expanding their reach to more global opportunities.

The new batch intake will also pave the way for more collaborations and partnerships with foreign institutions. Subject to the need of the students, this can eventually lead to new programs, specializing on knowledge formation and skills enhancement.

Extending time to prepare

With the new option of enrolling at a later date, STI provides a longer period for students to prepare for higher education mentally and financially. Most senior high school graduates are often pressured to decide on their course and school of choice right after graduation.

Students can take advantage of the extra time to pursue their interests and passion to help them decide on their higher studies, and further evaluate more options to pursue a certain program. STI understands the importance of making the right choice for college as it upholds that passion is essential to succeed in life.

Along with this, families who are financially challenged to send their children to school can prepare for the financial requirements with the opening of the new batch for incoming college freshmen in August.

Less class suspensions

STI further recognizes how environmental factors can potentially impact the learning experience of its students. By adjusting the semester schedule, the effects of the rainy season which begins in the month of June is mitigated.

The traditional academic calendar starts in the month of June, which is regularly affected by heavy rainfalls that lead to class suspensions. These cancellations often cause a delay in curriculum delivery and execution of school programs.

Cancellation of classes breaks the momentum especially when caused by bad weather. Research shows that weather is also linked to school performance, as lack of exposure to sunlight affects hormones in a way that increases the urge to sleep.

The adjustment of the schedule with the implementation of August to May school calendar will cover fewer months of the rainy season, reducing cancellation of classes due to tropical cyclones.

True to its promise of delivering quality education, STI constantly innovates to better prepare its students for opportunities locally and abroad. STI takes pride in its modern and superior facilities, highly qualified professors, and new advancements that further improve the learning experience of its students. With the new academic scheme, STI takes a leap in internationalizing the institution to keep up and align with the rest of the world.