The Queen of All Media Conquers Social Media with The Kris List

The Queen of All Media Conquers Social Media with The Kris List

There something about Kris that people love. She isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. She’ll tell you even if it hurts and even if it embarrasses you both. What I like about her the most is her generosity. More than the gifts, it’s the stories she shares, and the lessons she got from them.

Kris’ online series The Kris List showcases what I like about her – less showbiz, more personal. There’s so much to learn from her 3-minute video series.

Lessons from Episode 1

  1. The more you read the more you know.
  2. More space, do not crowd. ‘Wag kang nakakasakal dapat may space.
  3. If you want something to turn out beautiful, you have to give it time, you have to have patience and you have to go with the flow of the strokes.
  4. Always end on a high. It’s important to give yourself time to pause, time to connect, time to give separate entities of your life, separate moments, and yet make it all flow together come together, but yet appreciating it as a whole.

Lessons from Episode 2

  1. Our kids will always challenge us
  2. Basta nakita mo na maligaya anak mo, gagawin mo talaga lahat kahit mahirap pa.
  3. Family is the time you give the one you love.

Lessons from Episode 3

  1. It’s important to take your time
  2. There is merit in doing things step by step, one at a time and patiently waiting for all f it to come together.
  3. The best tasting food comes from heirloom recipes. Recipes that are handed down from generations to generations. and generously shared by true friends.
  4. Ang pagluluto dapat galing sa puso. Sa buhay ng isang taos, may maism, ay maangahng , matamis, may maalat, dumudulas pa minsan.

I like the Kris List series, I just wish we have more of her loud laugh every once in a while for a break. Keep up to date with Kris’ List by following #TheKrisList on social media or like Facebok/RealKrisAquino for more life lessons and inspirational stories.