Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center in Silang, Cavite

Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center in Silang, Cavite

For long weekends and quick getaways, the south is always top of mind not only because of its accessibility but also because of its climate and the food it offers. As a weekend traveller, Silang, Cavite was just an access point to Tagaytay and was never our destination. Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center changed all that.

Balai Restaurant and Pasalubong is hard to miss, it’s one of the biggest dine-in places in the area. Located at Aguinaldo Highway, Bypass Road, San Vicente 2, Silang, Cavite, you’ll get mesmerized by its fiesta-themed facade and a lot of parking spaces. The main reason why people go to the south is to eat, and looking for a place to park consumes most of their time. Instead of you relaxing and ordering your meals you find yourself running around looking for a spot. Then eventually transferring to a different place.

Balai Palmera Restaurant
There are more parking spaces inside.

The fiesta feel isn’t just at face value, the overall ambience is reflective of the rich Filipino culture and cuisine. From the capiz windows, the plants, the colorful Filipiñana outfits, and of course the food. Balai Palmera restaurants can host probably around 200 inside and a lot more at the back if you prefer to feel the cold Cavite breeze. The interior feels warm and welcoming while the outside is more “Alta” and instagrammable because of the fountain, the view, and the architecture.

Balai Palmera Restaurant
Ryan Jay Dimapilis, Chef and President of Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center.

Inspiration plays a vital role not only in the name and ambience of Balai Palmera but also in the kind of food and service we provide to our guests. While Palmera is known as a plant that brings victory, celebration and feast, Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center is a place in Silang, Cavite that aims to bring people together over sumptuous meals freshly prepared by our energetic and friendly staff. We believe that every dish that we make and every pasalubong item that our guests take home will bring fond memories that they could treasure and share with their families and friends.” – Ryan Jay Dimapilis, Chef and President of Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center.

More than the place and the comfort, it’s the food that will make you brave the weekend traffic over and over again. The south is known to be the hub for Filipino cuisine, there are a lot of them offering the same menu, and honestly, it all tastes the same. Balai Palmera Restaurant is the rose among the thorns, it’s not your usual Tagatay / Cavite restaurant, it is in a league of its own.

If you’re tired of the usual bulalo, chopseuy and the same old dishes you see when you visit Silang, then you are in for a treat. From the all-time favourites like the kilawin, garlic butter shrimp, kare-kare, and dinuguan, to the modernised local dishes like the laing rolls, kalderetang baka, crispy patacharon, and my favorite, the dinakdakan.

Balai Palmera Restaurant

I kid you not, these dishes are worth my 1.5-2hrs trip from Pasig City. These dishes aren’t something that you can easily recreate at home or served at another restaurant in Silang. These are specially made by chefs for Balai Palmera. If I were to recommend a dish you should try, it’s the dinakdakan, dinuguan, and steamed pampano.

Your weekend getaway experience won’t be complete without the traditional pasalubong and you won’t need to go that far, it won’t be Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center without the pasalubong.

Balai Palmera Restaurant
Balai Palmera Restaurant

It is definitely the most spacious pasalubong center I’ve been to. The pasalubong center is packed with a variety of local delicacies that are perfect for all your cravings. From munchers, pastries, candies, and many others  Pastries are baked fresh at the store itself and you can actually watch them do it through the glass wall. Some pastries that you should try are Chocolate Almond Babka, Raisin Bread as well as Ensyamada, Silvanas, Table and Sans Rival Cake.

What I really need to take home as pasalubong is the best Best Buko Pie in Silang which is usually served fresh out of the oven. What makes it different is that it’s creamier and has a better texture than others. It’s flaky on top and the dough doesn’t overpower the star of the pie, the delicious buko filling. It’s so good that I forgot to take a photo of it but luckily I was able to take some videos and shared a reel and a Tiktok video of it.


The Filipino’s Favorite Pie – Buko Pie. This pie has also brought Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong to where it is right now. Complementing the rich and timeless flavor of this local dessert. @balaipalmera is must-visit store in Silang, Cavite that is ready to share wonderful home-cooked Filipino dishes, pastries and snacks that are made to bring pride not only to our local food, but also to our nation.

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Aside from those sweet treats, Balai Palmera also takes pride in its Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) approved products that are locally made and produced. These include Tahong Chips, Banana Chips, Mushroom Cracklings, Calamansito, Basimatsi, Coco Jam, Jacobina, Biscocho, Piaya Ube, and R&l Chicharon.

Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center is the best weekend food trip with friends and families and it addresses all the complaints that travellers rant about when going to the Tagaytay area – parking spaces, great food, a variety of dishes, and I promise you, it’s worth

Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center now have two branches, with the first one located at Tagaytay-Sta. Road Brgy. Pasong Langka, Silang, Cavite, and the second branch at Aguinaldo Highway, Bypass Road, San Vicente 2, Silang, Cavite.

For more information, updates, and other news, you may follow them on their official and accounts.

For reservations, you may contact them at +63945 869 5395. For other information, updates, and news, you may follow them on their official Facebook and Instagram accounts.