Globe Group’s Cascadeo champions future of business with AI adoption

Globe Group’s Cascadeo champions future of business with AI adoption

Cascadeo, the Globe Group’s elite cloud-managed and professional services company, is at the forefront of pushing for integration of Artificial Intelligence in business operations with cloud as the enabling platform, as the technology continues to radically evolve the way the world works. 

Cascadeo’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jared Reimer, recently emphasized the significance of these technologies in two insightful podcast interviews.

Jared Reimer, Cascadeo Founder and Chief Technology Officer, says AI is “the biggest invention of our lifetime.”

During his appearance on the Enterprise Podcast Network (EPN), Reimer pointed out the inevitable surge in cloud adoption driven by the complexities and demands of AI. 

“You need to be cloud first. You need to be cloud native. You need to build cloud muscle memory and skill, either in-house or with a partner, because that is the foundation for all of the enterprise AI that’s to come,” he said. 

This is especially true as AI platforms, particularly generative AI, are built on top of the cloud as its foundation. Cloud migration is an imperative in AI adoption, and a company that fails to do both will be at a major disadvantage. 

The importance of a cloud-first approach was echoed in Reimer’s discussion on the “I Own It Podcast,” hosted by real estate mogul Ben Reinberg, He highlighted that cloud computing has been the single biggest disruptor in recent times, and with the advent of generative AI, the landscape is changing even more dramatically. 

“In the grand scheme of things, generative AI is the biggest invention of our lifetime. And we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s going to happen next with that,” he remarked.

To help enterprises in harnessing these new technologies, Cascadeo has adopted four key approaches. Its professional services help companies transform to cloud-native as opposed to migrating existing workloads. Its managed services conduct 24/7 monitoring, care and feeding, quarterly business reviews, security with cost optimization, and mentorship so customers can focus on other aspects of their businesses.

Meanwhile, Cascadeo’s resale business supports flexible procurement options for AWS services, catering to diverse customer needs. It also recently introduced Cascadeo AI, a unique Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) solution that integrates generative AI with cloud management. This software analyzes IT system events and generates runbooks for effective decision-making and operational efficiency. Cascadeo AI is a first-of-its kind product being licensed to companies around the world. Globe makes extensive use of Cascadeo AI for its enterprise clients. 

“AI is perhaps the greatest disruptor in history other than electricity. We’re at a pivotal point in history and there’s no going back. Radical changes are already happening, and it’s clear that businesses that will embrace AI will have spectacular business advantages across many aspects, from innovation and cost to accuracy and scalability, among others,” said Reimer. 

Cascadeo’s emphasis on AI and cloud-first strategies is not just about keeping pace with technology but about leading and shaping the future of business. Reimer cautions that companies slow in embracing these technologies may risk committing a significant strategic misstep.

“The problem is if you wait too long to run, it’s going to be too late. So this is one of those things where you have to get ahead of the curve. You have to ride the wave as it comes in because if you don’t, it’s going to be a fatal error in judgment for many professions and companies, and recovering will be almost impossible,” he added. 

At the rate AI is developing, “it’s only going to get better,” with more use cases emerging day by day. He also allayed concerns that AI adoption may lead to job loss. 

“Generative AI is not going to replace you, but it’s a force multiplier that lets you accomplish so much more work in much less time. And it often will nudge you or remind you of things that you might have forgotten or overlooked or even things that you didn’t know to ask. So, it’s not just that it’s faster and cheaper, it’s actually better because it has a broader base of knowledge and it’s less prone to overlook things accidentally in the way that even a really smart, competent, experienced human might,” he added. 

As Cascadeo continues to lead global conversations on the impact of generative AI and cloud computing, it remains committed to helping businesses navigate this new digital era. Through its suite of services and products, Cascadeo is uniquely positioned to be the trusted partner for companies seeking to leverage these transformative technologies for business growth and sustainability.Learn more about Cascadeo and its services by visiting