Save For The Rainy Day with Mr. Hat Gulaman

Save For The Rainy Day with Mr. Hat Gulaman

Faced with the rising cost of living and higher prices of goods and services, many of us are faced with the challenge of stretching our hard-earned money, finding new ways to earn extra, and tucking in some savings for the rainy day.

For teenagers who wish to augment their allowances, part-time jobs are usually their first option. But what if they need to babysit younger siblings while their parents are at work? Or what if they need to study for an exam? For senior citizens who wish to find stuff to do to alleviate boredom and still earn on the side, what are the options?

Why not tap Mr. Hat Gulaman and make and sell made-to-order jelly? It is fun and easy to make, Mr. Hat Gulaman jelly powder and other ingredients are inexpensive, it is affordable for most households, and most of all, it is delicious. Jelly is everyone’s comfort food and traditional party food. It could also be an everyday meryenda or sweet ending to lunch, baon or dinner.

Food is always something everyone needs. For busy families, happy food such as a colorful jelly on the table can lift moods and put smiles on their faces. The humble jelly or gulaman is a happy dessert that will always be welcomed on Filipinos’ tables.

Teenagers and their lolos and lolas can bond over this home-based “business.” While earning pocket money and adding to their savings, they also get to make memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Plus, lolos and lolas can pass on their traditional jelly recipes to their teenage apos. Or they can check out meryenda recipes on the Mr. Hat Gulaman website and make them together.

Bonding and earning over Mr. Hat Gulaman jelly desserts

The first and third generations can learn from each other with their joint made-to-order jelly side business. Teenage apos, for example, can lead the “branding” and “marketing” side of their “business” through social media posts or messages to their target “markets” – relatives, neighbors, classmates, friends, parents’ co-workers.

The first generation – lolos and lolas – meanwhile, can supervise the “production” side. This include choosing ingredients such as Mr. Hat Gulaman’s various flavors, making gulaman following traditional recipes everyone grew up with or following Mr. Hat Gulaman’s recipes, and making sure every dessert is made with love, care and proper hygiene.

Both can come up with the initial capital, work on the packaging, pricing, and delivery. 

Taste test using Mr. Hat Gulaman

Now it’s time to let people know of your side business! Make gulaman and bring some to your target market and have them taste your products. Take nice photos of the yummy meryenda and eye-popping, colorful desserts and post them online as well! Post photos and videos of lolos, lolas and apos making the gulaman, too. 

What are the favorite gulaman meryenda and desserts we all love? Some love plain, wiggly jelly in different flavors and colors. Some love cathedral window jelly or gulaman made with milk and colorful jellies. Some love gulaman made with fruits in season. Some like gulaman with coffee flavor. Crema de fruta and jelly pudding are also all-time favorites.

Mr. Hat Gulaman jelly powder flavors include buko pandan, mango, orange, lychee, strawberry, grape and coffee. Mr. Hat Gulaman’s unflavored gulaman comes in black, orange, yellow, white, red and green colors.

Bring some gummies in different shapes, themes, colors and flavors for everyone to try. These are perfect office snacks to nibble on, fun baon for kids, and even party favors. 

Go with Mr. Hat Gulaman

To ensure quality, pick Mr. Hat Gulaman as your primary ingredient for your made-to-order jellies, flans, puddings and gummies. 

Mr. Hat Gulaman is a product of Philippine-based food and beverage company Seanluc, Inc. Its jelly powder is made from the finest natural seaweed extract and a unique blend of carrageenan, sugar, flavorings and colorings. Carrageenan is a type of seaweed-derived ingredient that is commonly used as a gelling agent in food products. 

Purchase Mr. Hat Gulaman at Lazada, Shopee and other retail stores nationwide.

For more updates and details, visit the Mr. Hat Gulaman Website. Follow Mr. Hat Gulaman on TikTok and Facebook