Amaia Land Promotes Right-Sized Communities for Growing Filipino Families

Amaia Land Promotes Right-Sized Communities for Growing Filipino Families

Home is a place where each member of the family feels secure no matter what time of day and where comfort and relaxation define their lifestyle.

With this image in mind, affordable property developer Amaia Land Corp. makes sure that its homes are provided with adequate space, which in turn enriches its residents’ quality of life. In fact, Amaia believes that having a right-sized community is a necessary first step towards achieving sustainability.

To pursue this goal, Amaia makes sure that its properties have the right density vis-à-vis its competitors. For instance, Amaia Steps and Amaia Skies—Amaia Land’s midrise and high-rise projects, respectively—have no more than 35 units per floor. Some developments like Amaia Steps NUVALI have only 15 units per floor.

On the other hand, Amaia Scapes, Amaia Land’s subdivision developments, has a lower density of only 55 houses per hectare. Apart from giving homeowners sufficient living and breathing space, this promotes flexibility by allowing the combination of units or house expansion for a growing family.

Ensuring right-sized communities is one of the pillars of Amaia’s sustainability campaign under its C.A.R.E.S. banner: Complete Accessibility and Connectivity, Right-sized community, Eco-friendly and Structural stability.

With its mission to serve aspiring Filipino homeowners with affordable yet quality homes, Amaia commits in building sustainable communities that support comfortable lives today and in many years to come. Amaia CARES for life, the living and the spaces around it.