New Sweets From Jack n’ Jill – Champalok and Mintini

Jack n’ Jill never runs out sweet ideas for our sweet tooth, and the latest addition to their line-up has a sweet and sour taste – a tamarind flavored gummy candy, Champalok.

Champalok 1

These little minions cost P5 per pack and each pack is filled with 20gm of chewy tamarind gummy candies. I’m actually salivating while writing this. It has the same taste as we would expect from a tamarind candy and you have no seeds to worry about. It’s so addictive that you just have to keep on chewing!

The seconf addition to Jack n’ Jill’s sweets is the Mintini, a mint flavored soft chewy candy. Mintini is actually the first mint flavored soft chewy candy from Jack ‘n Jill.


Each  deliciously chewy candy will leave everyone feeling refreshed and ready for any endeavor. Whether it’s studying long hours, beating deadlines or engaging in any other hectic activity, we all need to take an invigorating break to recharge. Mitini guarantees a minty breather in the middle of busy days.

Mintini 1

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