Mall of Asia Sweet Eats Part 2

After dining at Lugang Cafe, bring your date to UCC Coffee for a taste of French Kiss, ask your date if you want it cold or hot. As for me, I prefer my Frech Kiss hot.

Mall of Asia UCC Coffee

French Kiss Latte is a new addition to UCC Coffee’s line up of amazing coffee variants and it takes time to prepare because of the layering. The coffee has to be in the right temperature for the layering to be done. The French Kiss Latte is actually a red velvet flavored coffee with two shots of espresso on the cold latte and just one shot for the hot latte. Each costs only P179.

Mall of Asia UCC Coffee 1

After coffee, head on to the bay walk and catch the Manila sunset to set a romantic mood. Now is the best time to use those pickup lines that you have collected at the internet and then cap off the night giving her something to remind him/her of you when he/she gets home. Drop by at the newly opened Made in Candy branch at Mall of Asia.

Made in Candy 1
Made in Candy 2

Let your date choose from a variety of flavors available. The candies aren’t that sweet, it has just the right amount of sweetness that it needs. The additional sweetness should come from you, buy her three bottles, one of each size to plant him/her the “I Love You” message in your date’s subconscious.

Made in Candy 3

Or you can give your date the limited edition Valentine Rocks flavors and seal it with a kiss. The flavors are combinations of the ones that are already available. The Lychee + Orange, Raspberry + Mint, Strawberry + Milk, and Strawberry. The candies have love messages all over it, it may be a bit corny, but it sends the message.

Made in Candy 4

Don’t forget to bring her home early or you might not get another chance. You don’t want to give the parents a reason to not like you.

The Mall of Asia has a lot to offer to those who are looking for a place to  spend their sweet moments. Restaurants ✔, Coffee Shops ✔, Gift Shops ✔, Fun Activities ✔, and Sunset ✔. Take advantage of SM Mall of Asia’s Sweet Eats and give your date the #BestDateEver.

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