Crumpler Opens At The Shangri La Mall East Wing

Crumpler Opens At The Shangri La Mall East Wing

Crumpler, the most popular bag for all geeks has opened its new store at the Shangri La Mall’s new East Wing which was attended by one of Crumpler’s founders Dave Roper.


The new store is also Crumpler Philippine flagship store. Adding interest to the new Crumpler store at Shangri-La Plaza Mall is the unique interior design, specially created for Crumpler by award-winning Australian architects Ryan Russell and Byron George.


Crumpler has been my choice of bag for mt gadgets (dslr, laptop, tablet) because of its durability and its gadget friendly feature. Its truly a geek bag. There’s one other thing I want to buy from Crumpler, it’s their luggages. It has been torture tested and it looks so cool.




A Bit of History:

Started in 1992, Crumpler was the product of a young man named Stu Crumpler. Stu was an avid beer drinker and transporting cans of beer using his bike was slowly becoming a heavy chore. The first Crumpler bag was created for the sole purpose of being a beer container which worked quite well. Not soon after, Stu Crumpler’s highly durable “beer” bag caught the  attention of a bike messenger company owned by Will Miller and Dave Roper who commissioned Stu Crumpler to reengineer the beer bag and make it into a backpack for their bike messengers. It was a complete success as the bags prived to be not only durable, but  also practical and comfortable to use. Driven by a shared passion to create the best bags for bikers  Stu, Will and Dave started their own business making and selling their own line of bags which was appropriately named “Crumpler”

Aside from Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Crumpler stores are also located at Bonifacio High Street, TriNoma, Robinsons Magnolia.

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