The Best 2015 Digital Accessories

The Best 2015 Digital Accessories

Digits Trading unveiled it’s “Best of 2015”, a list of the coolest and most popular technology and accessories of the year.”This list features products that best exemplified our focus and commitment to be the country’s premier provider of the best tech accessories from around the world.” said Charlie Paw, President of Digits Trading.

The products included in the Best of 2015 list are readily available at Beyond The Box and Digital Walker branches nationwide.

1. Braven Balance Waterproof Speaker – Php5,850: A wireless Bluetooth speaker wrapped in an IPX7 certified waterproof exteriors. It comes with a 4400mAh internal battery that gives it an impressive 18 hours of music playing.

Braven Balance Waterproof Speaker

2. Urbanears Plattan ADV wireless headphones – Php 4,650: Comes with a washable headband, detachable cord with a built-in mic and remote, as well as the ZoundPlug  for instant music sharing.

UrbanEars Plattan ADV Wireless Heaphones

3. Coloud Hoop – Php 1495: with AnchorLoop to find the perfect fit and keep the sweat-resistant earpiece secured in your ear while exercising. It also has built-in microphone and a remote allowing you to pick up and answer calls which also allows you to forward -rewind music using 3-Click Microphone.

Coloud Hoop

4. Marshall Kilburn – Php 16,950: What’s not to like about it, it’s vintage look, elegant leather strap, and powerful sound is a deal breaker. It has  20 hours battery life too!

Marshall Kilburn

5. JayBird X2 wireless earbuds – Php 8,950 (left):  micro-sized sweat proof bluetooth buds that deliver superior audio performance for music and phone calls. It has a solid 8 hours battery life on music playing.

6. RHA T20 – Php, 13,150 (right): stainless steel housing that features a tuning filter system to adjust sound signature on a moldable over-ear hooks.

JayBird X2 Wireless Earbuds

7. Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 – Php 4,950: a first-ever water-resistant wireless speaker. A powerful speaker with a passive radiator for enhanced bass.

Soudfreaq Sound Kick 2

8. BoostCase Gemstone Battery Case – Php 4,450: Adds more than 60% battery life for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus. It comes in two pieces, the standalone protective case and an attachable battery sleeve.

Bootcase Gemstone Batter Case

9. Nude Audion Super M – Php 4,550: Packed with 4 full-range drivers and 2 passive subwoofers. A bluetooth speaker with a rich, accurate 360 degree sound and a protective shockproof silicone sleeve for worry-free play.

Nude Audion Super M

10. Native Union Jump Cable – Php 2,250: the world’s first 2-in-1 charging cable and a portable battery booster that adds 30% extra battery life weighing just 42g.

Native Union Jump

11. Scosche Mount Dash – Php 1,295 an award-winning MagicMount magnetic mounting system enables you to conveniently mount your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to may types of surfaces.

Scosche Mount Dash

12. Momax Selfie Pro Hero Pod Stick – Php 1,750;  with bluetooth remote control, it lets you capture images at mor diverse angles and distances. Impress your friends as you unleash your multi-angle and 720 degree shots with its Selfit feature.

Momax Selfie Pro Hero Pod Stick

Completing your Christmas list is a breeze at Beyond The Box and Digital Walker. The products included in this list are ready for consumer looking up to stock up on Christmas gifts your loved ones.

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