Experience Gran Prix Manila

Experience Gran Prix Manila







The drinking session ended at 4am. We didn’t worry about leaving our belongings in the room because all doors come with an electronic key-card entry system and most rooms comes with a safety deposit box, and of course the 24-hr security service.


Most of us have to wake up early to attend another event in the morning, in my case, I have to wake up early to make it to breakfast.  If all the food served last night were all great, I wouldn’t want to miss breakfast. I was right, it was worth waking up to.







Staying at Gran Prix Manila is such a wonderful experience.  Who would have thought that comfort, convenience and style is equivalent to afford-ability. An affordable “Gran Prix” indeed. No matter how nice the place is, or how great the amenities are,  what matters is providing great customer experience knowing that your leaves your hotel wanting to go back soon.


Thank You Gran Prix.


If you like what you read or the photos you saw, wait till you see Gran Prix Boracay:



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