Fun Bath Time = Great Bed Time

Maki’s bath time has never been complicated.  I was hesitant at first, I was afraid that she might slip out of my hands and get hurt.  I was afraid that I might drown her or apply soap on her eyes, even if it’s a no-tear baby soap.  I was just assisting my wife with giving pretty Maki a bath never dared to do it my self.  But I knew that a day will come that I have to do it.

I prepared her clothes, towel, liquid soap and her tub.  She enjoyed getting wet with warm water touching her soft skin.  She lover how I washed her hair and get tickled when I applied soap on her neck.  Getting her dresses was also not a problem.  I don’t apply any time of lotion on her skin because I believe that baby skin does not need to be tampered with anything unnatural.  I don’t use baby powder as advised by a pediatrician and relatives.

After the bath – a long peaceful sleep.  I now enjoy given her bath as much as she enjoys bathing.

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