X Marks The Spot at HMR Philippines

X Marks The Spot at HMR Philippines

Everybody loves a good bargain, some even go to great lengths to achieve them. Great bargains are hard to find and most people do not have time hunt for it so they settle for the usual payday sale at the leading malls in the metro, but like I always say – there will always be something/someone better. It’s like treasure hunting in the modern age.

If you are a thrift shopper, you probably have heard of or been to HMR already. If you haven’t, you probably are blinded by the huge 3-Day Sale billboards by the leading malls. Let me give you a back ground. HMR Philippines, Inc., has been trading in surplus since 1992. It’s original 5,000 square meter warehouse store still stands in Mandaluyong City. Because of its growth and popularity it added six more  HMR Surplus Depots in Metro Manila and Laguna.

HMR Pioneer Mandaluyong (5 of 14)

If it’s still far away from you, you can shop online at www.hmr.ph and you can pay cash on delivery, and it’s free delivery on most orders. Unfortunately, the website does not show much of its hidden treasures. I strongly suggest you visit the stores.

It doesn’t stop there, it also has a franchise network – Save On Surplus (SOS) stores and HMR Express kiosks nationwide and launching in a few days is Loro, a sports store and equipment by HMR Philippines Inc.


So, what will you find at HMR Philippine? Everything!

Candies and a lot of sweet goodies that my daughter loves. The Hello Kitty candy cards was the first to be dropped in our basket and also the first to be consumed at home.

HMR Pioneer Mandaluyong

It was a surprise for me to see high end gadgets and leading brands being surplussed at HMR. The Nikon DSLR camera and Beats headphones caught my attention. Also, there are electronics like digital cameras, speakers, tablets, and a lot more. It even has a digital camera worth P297.00, it may not have that good quality compared to the leading digital cameras today, but it can be your back up.

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Another item that caught my attention is the Yahama electric guitar. I don’t how much it’s worth but it sure looks amazing. Then there are signature watches as well.

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There are televisions of different brand and sizes. There’s even a sixty-plus inch Smart TV and a 3D TV. They have Samsung, Sharp, LG, and some other brands. I’ll probably by my next television here, they have a lot of good deals plus they also offer installment plans.

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Active people also have a lot to choose from they sports section. Rackets, golf clubs, billiard cue sticks, roller blades, rubber shoes, and balls of all shapes and sizes. When Loro opens this week, it will have a grand collection sports items and accessories.

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If it’s your first time at HMR, you’ll notice that most of the people buying are form the upper class. Primarily because this is where they get their supplies for their businesses or offices. Chairs, tables, lockers, desks, and other equipment; and they buy it in bulk.

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Not only that, business owners also considers HMR for their large electrical/industrial equipment and supplies. Kunie Gonzales, Marketing Officer of HMR Philippines Inc., mentioned that their generators sold like pancakes during the wrath of typhoon Glenda. I wish I’ve known  and bought one myself too, now that it is humored that rotating brownouts will happen soon.

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Look at the variety of equipment they have for your business needs.

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Did I mention that this 5,000 square meters of establishment has 3 floors? On the second floor, you’ll see more furniture and fixtures, and they’re all on sale! They are made from high grade materials and imported from different countries including Italy. They beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and cabinets in different shapes and design. You’ll have a hard time choosing.

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The second floor also has a section for clothes, comforters, bags and some pillows. The clothes are nice but they all seem to be on the larger side of the world. The 3rd floor is still being developed and they are planning to include medical equipment at it. Hospital beds, pans, and others.

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Some of the random stuff you’ll see at HMR Philippines.

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If you need to take a break form filling your cart with your items, head Tasty Tucker and fill your tummies with delicious food. I recommend you get the pizza, it’s big , tasty and heavy on the toppings, but not on the pocket.

HMR (68 of 93)

HMR (70 of 93)

It took us around 2 hours to get to the cashier because we were enjoying the variety. We were overwhelmed with the number of items we found at HMR Philippines, if only I had more money I would have bought more items. There’s always a next time, now that they are continuously expanding I’m sure there will be better things to buy.

I would like to thank our friend, blogger-turned-bagger,  Myke Soon for letting us experience treasure hunting in the modern age and to Kunie Gonzales of HMR Philippines for inviting us and showing us around.

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If Google Maps was a treasure map, HMR Philippines will be where X marks the spot. Go ahead and visit one near you now. Check out the branches here – www.hmr.ph/stores. Visit them on Facebook  to get the latest news on upcoming promos –Facebook.com/HMRPhilippinesOnlineStore

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