Hoppler is Digitizing the Real Estate Property Brokerage

Hoppler is Digitizing the Real Estate Property Brokerage

Hoppler is a platform that connects sellers with buyers and properties at no charge. It’s better than selling your property on a peer to peer online selling platform where authenticity and accuracy is sometimes questionable. Partner brokers will have access to a customer relationship management tool where they can track every phase of their sales process and efficiently manage their clients, either through mobile or on their desktop.

Partner brokers also benefit from an unlimited number of properties for free and helps them get leads thru Hoppler’s marketing initiatives.  Hoppler also set up regular events to help brokers find properties and leads for their listings. Seminars and workshops about brokerage and tax laws are also provided by Hoppler’s team.

Hoppler has a verification process to make sure that all properties sold are legit and not a scam. They contact the seller and verify their ownership using a checklist of questions and requests for copies of documents including Authority to Sell, Property Title, Tax Declaration. For the buyer part, here are some of the benefits form using Hoppler’s services.

  • Browse properties no matter where you are – even when you are on the go.
  • Search available properties in your preferred city, area, village and even in a specific building.
  • Filter, sort, and save results according to your preferences and requirements.
  • Get notified for newly uploaded listings and featured properties.
  • Explore the location and vicinity of a property virtually thru integrated Google Maps.
  • View photos of the property including the building and village amenities.
  • Know the important details of a property including the amenities, availability, and price.
  • Use the Hopping Cart feature to bookmark and inquire all properties at the same time.
  • No matter how many properties you inquire thru your Hopping Cart, Hoppler guarantees that only one broker will get in touch with you.
  • Hoppler App simplifies your home search, connecting you to sellers of real estate with a network of people that you can trust.

Hoppler earns from commission or a percentage of the sale of the property. In return, they get FREE marketing services, seminars, workshops, listings, leads, and a secure platform that gives buyers their dream property not worrying about being conned or scammed.