Why I Prefer the HUAWEI Freelace Pro over a Wireless TWS.

Why I Prefer the HUAWEI Freelace Pro over a Wireless TWS.

I have been using the HUAWEI Freelace Pro a lot lately and it has been my go-to earphones for almost everything I do that requires sound. I use it when I stream music, catch up on Netflix on my phone, and even on video conferences or Zoom meetings.

There are a couple of reasons why I ditched a TWS over a laced wireless earphone as my primary earphone. First is that I really can’t let go of wires yet. I still don’t feel like having a stuck in my ear without wires. Don’t get me wrong, TWS are great. I just prefer it with wires and the Freelace Pro is both wired and wireless which is good for me.

The second is that because it has wires, I don’t have to bring a case in my pocket or bag. I can simply hang it on my neck and let the magnetic tips turn it into a necklace. It’s easier to keep especially when your on-the-go, walking, or just want to take them off quickly.

Third is the availability of buttons, with a TWS you will have to practice the gestures or stroking the earbuds in different ways or doing a soft or hard press on the buds. For me, having physicals buttons is way better than touching your buds or reaching out for your phone to skip songs or adjust volumes.

Next is the battery life, it can last up to 24 hours and you can charge it directly from your phone or via usb using a dongle.

Fifth is the sound quality and the Active Noise Cancelling feature. Check out my review here – Huawei Freelace Pro Review – 24hrs of Awesome Listening Experience.

Last on my list of reasons why I prefer the HUAWEI Freelace Pro over the other TWS is the price. It only retails for Php4,499 compared to other TWS that are over Php 5k.

So there you have it. Check out HUAWEI’s Official Store for exciting deals and promos.