Huawei Launches Watch GT2, Band 4 and Band 4e

Huawei Launches Watch GT2, Band 4 and Band 4e

Huawei’s official Philippine launch its new line up of wearables with a fun fitness camp at Mall of Asia by the Bay. The Huawei Watch GT2, Huawei Band 4 and Huawei Band 4e launched was celebrated with various fitness activities to help promote active wellness and self-improvement habits amongst Filipinos.

Huawei set up a number of activities at the venue that encouraged attendees to try out the features of each wearable, which included treadmill/stationary bike runs, basketball and a shooting/ladder drills, among others. Consumers got to enjoy the activity area and a lot of them braved the circuit challenge for a chance to win several Huawei wearable products.

A few hours before the launch, Huawei had an intimate media presentation of the new wearables. George Li, Country Head of Huawei Consumer Business Group added “Huawei is committed to constant technological innovation and with the release of the wearables’ products, Huawei has once again set a new standard of powerful performance, personal training, improved professional health experience, and a new way of life”.

Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm

At first glance, the Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm is indistinguishable from a high-end timepiece. Thanks to its minimalistic aesthetic and 3D glass face for a bezel-less look, the Watch GT 2 looks like a classic but works like the future. Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm offers two more fluoroelasmeter strap when you purchase the device.

  • two-week battery life
  • sports training
  • heart rate monitoring (TruSee 3.5)
  • sleep monitoring (TruSleep 2.0)
  • stress monitoring (TruRelax)
  • smart assistant functions (bluetooth calling, music playback, weather, alarms, etc.)
  • Price: Huawei Watch GT 2 Classic is at Php 13,990, the Watch GT 2 Sport is at Php 10,990

Huawei Band 4

Huawei Band 4 fulfills the role of a professional trainer by suggesting suitable workout routines based on heart rate data and helps user develop better fitness and sleeping habits.

  • heart rate monitoring (TruSee 3.5)
  • sleep monitoring (TruSleep 2.0)
  • nine (9) exercise modes
  • customizable watch faces
  • Price: Huawei Band 4 is at Php 1,890

Huawei Band 4E

Huawei Band 4E offers not just nine (9) workout modes but also extended features dedicated for your professional in-depth analysis and improvement.

  • basketball mode – records air-time data and average moving speed (among others) for in-depth performance analysis and improvement
  • wrist mode – monitors heart rate and calories burned
  • foot mode – delves into detailed foot strike analysis using 6-Axis Motion Sensor to help minimize injuries during intense workouts.
  • eco-friendly straps (made from recycled materials)
  • Huawei Band 4E is at Php 1,390

Huawei Health App: A Personal Trainer Just a Tap Away

Huawei Health provides professional sports guidance for your sport. Huawei Health is the official Huawei app to monitor users’ health and physical activity. The app provides a detailed record of information about your weight history, daily burned calories, heart rate, sleeping habits, etc.

Huawei wearables are leading the industry through the use of premium materials, scientific fitness tracking algorithms, and integrated professional guidance features, Huawei wearables are setting a new standard for health-oriented consumer tech.