HUAWEI Mate Station S World’s First Fingerprint Power On Desktop

HUAWEI Mate Station S World’s First Fingerprint Power On Desktop

No matter where you work, whether it’s in the office or at home, it’s hard to beat the power and flexibility of a well-built desktop PC. What’s harder to beat is a PC designed and made by Huawei – the premier maker of all things innovative and striking all at once.

This new machine, the Huawei Mate Station S, is an evolution of the traditional PC setup — not in any crazy form factor sense, but more on the various ways it complements all manner of professional pursuits and interests.

Here are five reasons why the Mate Station S is the optimal machine for any workspace:

  1. Desktop appeal – Thanks to a very minimalist exterior look and slim metallic frame, the Mate Station S blends very nicely to any desk space. It might very well assume a chic art piece role as much as it does a workstation capacity. Get ready for friends or colleagues remarking on its eye-catching Star Trails design, which doubles as heat vents to delight PC geeks.
  1. Power on tap – Plenty of creative professionals need powerful hardware for photo/video editing, graphic design, digital painting, and all modern disciplines of digital visual craft. For this, creators must have access to multiple tools and programs at the same time all the time.

The 7nm AMD Ryzen 5 4600G with integrated Radeon graphics card on the Mate Station S by itself has enough graphical processing power to keep such tools and apps open side-by-side without a hiccup. Basic office tasks like flipping between browser tabs, email clients, and other productivity apps are no problem on this desktop, as well.

Playing all the popular battle royale shooters, MOBAs, and MMORPGs are also a breeze with the Mate Station S, with smooth framerates in high resolutions at all times. 

  1. Easy on the eyes – Working or playing on a PC can lull the mind into hours lost staring at the screen, making eye strain a real problem in the long term. This is why the Huawei Display is the best companion for the Mate Station S, which does more than provide high-quality visuals.

The Huawei Display is engineered carefully to minimize eye strain, even during extended use. A TUV Rheinland Certification backs that up, offering a relaxed viewing experience with its low blue light and flicker-free calibration. 

And it’s hard not to stare at that screen – 23.8 inches with 90% screen-to-body ratio and a FullView 1080p resolution definitely brings life to anything on-display. Marvel at the finely-textured elements on photographs, the wide-spanning coverage of details on productivity tools, and fluid motion on action-packed games on this Huawei panel.

  1. Sharing is caring – There’s a lot of efficiency lost when switching from computer-to smartphone-to tablet-to whatever else just to accomplish tasks. Be it in the office or at home, it’s just easier if there’s one place to access all that data and work from there.

Such a scenario makes the Mate Station S shine as a beacon of productivity, thanks to its improved Huawei Share and Multi-Device Collaboration features. Faster wireless data transmission through NFC and Bluetooth 5.0 (among plenty others) lets users “beam” their files and apps directly onto the Mate Station S, eliminating the constant need to switch between devices or screens. 

This capability is core to Huawei’s overall AI Life strategy, which smartly integrates the tech brand’s varied device ecosystem to serve their users’ equally-varied lifestyles.

  1. One-touch protection – Sometimes remembering passwords can be a hassle, or maybe some urgent business is hampered by the need to reset login credentials. With the Mate Station S, users can secure their workstation with a tap of the finger. 

Indeed, the Mate Station S supports Fingerprint Login through the optional Huawei Ultra-Slim Wired Keyboard, adding a stronger layer of security to sensitive files and data stored on the PC. It’s a highly-convenient feature in offices to protect against data leaks, and in homes where the risk of kids sending accidental embarrassing messages to colleagues are eliminated.

The Huawei MateS tation S is a transformative PC experience, available now for pre-order. Get the Mate Station S along with the Huawei Display, Ultra-Slim Keyboard, and other Huawei devices in limited-time bundles throughout its promotional period. 

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