JeedJard Chewy Tamarind, My New Favorite

JeedJard Chewy Tamarind, My New Favorite

Just recently I found a new chewy tamarind candy that’s perfect for my cravings. Thailand tamarind candies have been out in the market already. I’ve tried a couple of them but their too sweet, losing that sour tamarind taste. JeedJard Chewy Tamarind candy has just the right sweet/sour taste.

I’m a tamarind candy addict. Ever since I was a kid my allowance was spent on tamarind candies instead of other candies. I’m not a fan of candies or lollipops. The sour taste of tamarind candies is addicting and it’s a fruit candy, healthier than regular candies. In fact it has the edible part of tamarind contains Calcium as well as Vitamins A, B, and C. It also contains Fiber, which helps promote good digestion.

 JeedJard Chewy Tamarind contains no preservatives, no gelatin, and has passed FDA, GMP, and Halal standards.

JeedJard Chewy Tamarind candies are available in three flavors:

The original JeedJard Tamarind with Plum has the natural sweet and sour taste enhanced with plum powder

50g resealable plastic tub (SRP Php 50.00)
JeedJard Chewy Tamarind with Plum Flavor comes in 10g sachet (SRP Php 12.50)

The Jeedjard Tamarind with Spicy Plum will tickle the taste buds of spicy food lovers. It isn’t that much spicy so don’t hesitate to try it out. Even my 2 year old daughter tried and liked it, but she can’t have it all. It’s still candy.

JeedJard Chewy Tamarind with Spicy Plum Flavor comes in 10g sachet (SRP Php 12.50) and 50g resealable plastic tub (SRP Php 50.00)

The JeedJard Tamarind Stick has the taste of natural tamarind that you love, lightly coated with sugar.

JeedJard Tamarind Stick comes in a pack containing 8-pieces of individually wrapped sticks (SRP Php 32.00)

You can find them at leading groceries, department store and convenience stores like 7-11 and ministop. Try it. Don’t blame me for your addiction.

 JeedJard Chewy Tamarind is exclusively distributed by Chokdee Marketing Intl. For more information, contact (+63928) 500-9822 or email Visit their Facebook page at

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