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Vacation’s over, it’s time for you to start printing those resumes and get a job to start working on your dreams, but before you do so, here are some information that will guide you in finding your first job. If you’re a fresh grad, Jobstreet has prepared some tips to help you with reach your goals and win your dreams.


Do your best in college. Passing your grades is good, but excelling is so much better. Your grades will tell a lot about you not your professors. Take your internship seriously. It’s going to give you an idea of the world you are about to enter when you finish college. It’s one of the best things to highlight in your resume and in you interview. It’ll show your future employer how serious you are in the job. Be proud that you were a working student, it’s going to impress companies even more.

Because you do not have nay work experience yet, it is best to highlight your internship and part-time job, if you had one.


Never be ashamed of what university you came from because this year only 51% of the 400 companies that Jobstreet surveyed, only 51% claimed that the school where the fresh graduate got his or her degree is “important”. Down from last year’s 61%, which is really good news because only a few can actually afford to study in the “Top 4” universities – University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, De La Salle University, and Ateneo de Manila University.

Here are the Top 5 Behavioral Skills that companies look for in a fresh graduate:

  1. Willingness to learn
  2. Initiative
  3. Honesty and Integrity
  4. Self-motivated / Self-starter
  5. Self-confidence

And the Top 5 Functional Skills that companies look for in a fresh graduate:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Train-ability
  3. Competence
  4. Problem Solving and Analytic Skills
  5. Tech Know-how (playing DOTA not valid)

If you want to know where the money is, here are the Top 10 Specialization with a Generous First Salary for fresh graduates.

  1. Php 19,343 – Engineerin / Electronics
  2. Php 20,265 – Sales – Engineering / Techinal / IT
  3. Php 20,588 – Healtcare / Nurse – Medical Support Assistant
  4. Php 20,966 – Sales – Telesales / Telemarketing
  5. Php 21,301 – Law / Legal Services
  6. Php 21,345 – Finance – Corporate Merchant Banking
  7. Php 21, 371 – IT / Computer Hardware
  8. Php 22,289 – Technical and Helpdesk Support
  9. Php 22,080 – IT / Computer Network / Database Admin
  10. Php 23,949 – IT / Computer – Software

Jobstreet is continually helping us not only through job postings but also molding us into an employee a company would want to have.

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