MAHARLIKA Party-List (Kasanayan, Kabuhayan, Kaunalaran)

MAHARLIKA Party-List (Kasanayan, Kabuhayan, Kaunalaran)

Long before the pandemic, MAHARLIKA has been at the forefront of helping our indigenous and marginalized people. It has been their mission is to uplift the lives of the Filipinos thru programs that improve skills, provide livelihood, and progress.

MAHARLIKA Party-List’s front runner, Dr. Alvin Sahagun, is the Founder of Advocate Change Club and the concurrent President of WeEvolve Marketing Corporation. A multi-awarded entrepreneur:

  • Ambassador of Gawad Filipino Hero of the Year Awards 2020
  • Man of Influence: Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year
  • His Team Advocate Change Club was awarded the Fast Fast Rising, Dynamic and Empowered Organization of the Year in the 4th Asia Pacific Luminaire Awards 2021

On top of this, it’s his personal advocacy to educate every Filipino to engage in entrepreneurship. As a representative of the indigenous and marginalized sector, he aims to empower Filipinos to be able to live independently from government aids and uplift their lives thru skills training, financial literacy, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Helping Dr. Alvin Sahagun is former UMD member James Salas and Gilbert Trani as MAHARLIKA Party-List’s 2nd and 3rd nominee.

MAHARLIKA Party-Lists’ advocacy is centered on these three principles – Kasanayan (skills), Kabuhayan (livelihood), and Kaunlaran (progress/growth).

  1. Kasanayan

    Torovide equal opportunity to indigenous/marginalized and modern Filipino to enhance their talents, education, and ability thru free training.

2. Kabuhayan

Establish and strengthen financial institutions and social entrepreneurship programs wherein ordinary Filipinos can earn thru knowledge and skills.

3. Kaunlaran
Establish identity, history, and culture of the free Filipino as the foundation of continuous progress of the Filipino.

The party believes that if the majority of the population will become middle-class we can bring the Philippines back to the Maharlika era. The country will find it difficult to reach first-class if more than half of the population are below the poverty line.

“Ang Samahan ng Maharlikang Pilipino o MAHARLIKA ay nagnanais na masolusyunan ang mga hinaing ng bawat komunidad ng mga Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng pagsusulong ng mga negosyong makalipunan o social entrepreneruship.”

We have 80,000 MAHARLIKA members nationwide with leaders from the different indigenous tribes. Within our capacity, we will contribute and enhance government programs to prioritize and special treatments to indigenous people like how other countries treat their own.