Makati Tourism Foundation Inc. Launches The Jeepney Tours

Makati Tourism Foundation Inc. Launches The Jeepney Tours

Makati City is known as the Central Business District of the Philippines because t is where most business offices are situated. From small scale business to multinational corporations that employs hundreds of workers that fills the morning and evening rush hour traffic.

Tall buildings that represent its economical status covers the whole city, blinding us from the foundations that built it – its heritage.

This is what the Makati Tourism Foundation Inc. wants the public to see, the “Soul of a City“.

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Makati Tour (78 of 95)

 The Makati Tourism Foundation Inc  in partnership with Jeepney Tours will be offering specials tours around the city showcasing it’s heritage and rich culture.

We were privileged enough to be given the chance to join the maiden tour inside this gorgeous looking Jeepney.

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It’s an air-conditioned jeepney with comfortable seats and equipped with LCD TV which is used for by the tour guide and also for VideoKe.

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Joining us in the tour is our tour guide wearing a Filipiniana costume and packed with the history of Makati. The tour won’t be complete with a tour guide and a tour guide won’t be called a tour guide if she does not have info, our tour guide must have had perfect score in history class.

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Our first stop was the Church of Saints Peter and Paul built in 1620 and was the first parish church of the town.

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If you notice all churches on all town or provinces are always across a plaza. I don’t know why but I guess it has something to do with town fiestas and celebrations.

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The history of this church parallels that of Makati itself, its unique architecture and religious icons outstanding examples of the cultural wealth of the city.

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If you were to visit any province or town you can tell a lot about their heritage with the churches they have. These structures have been with us since the Spanish era, some have survived the Japanese occupation and World War II, some didn’t.

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You will be amazed even more after entering the church.

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Just like any other churches, gold is the color that highlights everything. The pillars, the candle holders, the altar and the religious icons are all decorated with gold.

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The site of the interior of the church made me forget that I am inside the Central Business District, the financial capital of Manila. It was like I was in a far away province, surrounded by rice fields, cattle and with no cellular reception.

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The church is rich in artifacts and murals that were very well preserved.

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On the way to our next stop we passed along the Pasig River which was the main transport area during the old days. Ships were carrying products as well as huge stones that built the churches.

We also went to the Guadalupe Shrine, which was more often referred to the Guadalupe Ruins.

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This church was definitely a surprise for me. I was not expecting this beautiful church be sitting in the middle of the city, undiscovered. I may have seen this before in movies or teleseryes but thought that it was in a far away province.

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Too bad the church was not open that time, they were probably not advised as we were only on the maiden tour.

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Our next stop was the American Memorial Cemetery.

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Just like what I mentioned in my Instagrm post. It was the only cemetery that doesn’t look and feel creepy. It was eye candy. Thousands of white crosses and stars (non catholic) are occupying the green grass surrounded by trees of all sorts.

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It has great architecture. Each wall has hundreds of names engraved. Too bad I was not able to take a lot of photos as it is restricted for security reasons. It’s owned and managed by the American Embassy.

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Our last stop was the Balikbayan Handicrafts where I didn’t buy anything. There was nothing that a minimum wager could possibly buy (hahaha)….

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Glorietta also has a small kiosk or souvenir shop that has Makati written all over it as part of its tourism campaign.

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Our tour was just a glimpse of what there is to see in Makati. There were a few more stops that weren’t included because we were time constraint, one of them was the Ayala Museum.

The tour costs P1,000.00 per head but they have an introductory promo – buy one take one that’s two tickets for P1,000.00

The tours flyers are available in all hotels in Makati in support of the tourism campaign. I would also recommend this too locals who wants to see the historical side of the city.

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