Marco Polo Ortigas Manila presents refreshing take on Afternoon Tea

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila presents refreshing take on Afternoon Tea

I may not be a fan of milk tea, but I have always loved tea. I take it after a few rounds at the buffet and almost after every meal. During the holiday season I pair it with either bibingka or puto bumbong. It’s tea over coffee for me. But as much as I love tea, I never really understood tea and I am thankful to have been invited to an afternoon tea session at Marco Polo Ortigas to get to know more about tea.

The afternoon tea appreciation was headed by by Althaus brand ambassador, Alvin Elman. Althaus is the leading tea expert with internationally renowned tea tasters. Tea, as they say, is as delicate as wine without the alcohol content.

There are four tea categories – black tea, green tea, herbal infusion, and fruit infusion.

The black teas are the English Breakfast and the Earl Grey, both are always blended with cream and milk and recommended to be paired with medium sauces food like chicken. Recommended steep for no longer than three minutes.

Green tea is known to release fats and is best paired with sashimi, siomai, fish and light meat. It has its own natural sweetness. Same as the herbal infusion, its recommended steeping time is 4-5 mins. The herbal infusion and fruity infusion, although are like tea, they aren’t considered as tea because they’re not made from tea leaves and are entirely caffeine free.

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila presented a refreshing perspective on classic afternoon tea with the Connect Lounge’s new selection of sweet and savoury bites that are best paired with a cup of tea or coffee. Preparing freshly brewed afternoon tea selection to upgrade filipino service tea.

Located on Level 24, the Connect Lounge presents a new range of dessert samplers that guests can enjoy, aside from tea cakes and scones.

Stuart Stancombe, the Hotel’s Director for Restaurants, Bars and Events, said, “At the Connect Lounge, afternoon tea takes on more meaning for our guests. What we celebrate with this tradition is how we come together to make time for themselves.”

Guests enjoying afternoon tea at the Connect Lounge may also choose to upgrade their choice of beverage to champagne, wine or fresh juice. Enjoy Afternoon Tea Delights from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM from Mondays to Fridays and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Saturdays to Sundays. The Connect Lounge offers Afternoon Tea sets at for PHP 1,110 for two persons.