Monsees – Straight From The Heart

Monsees – Straight From The Heart

Man does not live by bread alone, until Monsee’s came along.  Located at 118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, just a few minutes away from Robinson’s Galleria, it’s hard to miss.

Marina Demetiro, a lawyer who loves tinkering in the kitchen, and followed her heart, took up Bakery and Pastry Arts at the International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management in 2007 and shifted careers.  She runs Monsee’s with partners, Chef Bubble Cruz-Lerias of ISCAHM; banker, coffee connoisseur and food entrepreneur John Escolin; lawyer and law professor Charles Escolin; and Reverend Monsignor Vicente Bauson.

The place itself is inspired by the movie It’s Complicated.  Some of the walls are covered with drawings of Marina’s son, Hilderbrand. The place is very relaxing and the music too. It’s the best place to grab a coffee and your favorite pastry while working online with their Free WiFi; or just dining out with family because of it’s homey ambiance.

They are best known for breadsticks which are available in Garlic, Cheese, Italian Herb, Pesto, Pistachio, Almond, Choco Hazelnut, Milk & Butter, Wheat, Dill & Cheese, Onion & Sour Cream, Dill & Cheese, Flax Seed, Cheese Pimiento and Basil.  The prices ranges from P65 to P140 pesos per pack.

Focaccia Bread
Pan de Oliva (Rye Bread)
Potato Flat Bread
Cheese Roll Petite

The menu has grown and a lot and were redefined and given labor of love. Things are done the traditional way, without shortcuts.  They really hand roll their breadsticks and they don’t use preservatives for their breads. An extensive selection of breads such as Egg & milk pan de sal, Baguette, Ensaymada con Queso de Bola, Whole wheat bread, Raisin bread, Pan de montsim Pan de coco, among others.

They also offer Muffins in various flavors and bake pies, pastries such as croissant, chicken pot pie, spinach and pot pies. Hot dishes are also available such as soup, salad, pasta (made fresh), sandwiches, and even rice meals.  Trays of food good for 8 to 10 persons ma be ordered in advance.

The dishes are perfect for bread lovers.  I think I might skip rice from now on and just eat bread for in the mean time.  What I love most about Monsees is their hot choco paired with Pan de Montsi, which is named after the Monsignor partner.

Here’s a view of our table.

Eating at Monsees felt all warm and fuzzy inside,  I was like a child in a table during Christmas eve. Those bread really got to my heart.  Thank you and Congratulations Monsees.

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