Optimum Flex: Your flexible waterproofing solution

Optimum Flex: Your flexible waterproofing solution

Most of the structures that were built in the last few decades were made of concrete.  While concrete is indisputably strong and durable, it is nonetheless vulnerable to damage caused by regular and frequent movements, especially in parts of a house like the upper floors, roof decks, and balconies where tremors can cause cracks that are the main cause of leaks.

If your concrete building is likewise exposed to moisture and water for a long period of time, the damage can be quite severe so that it will adversely affect the structure’s foundation, requiring costly and extensive repairs.

To prevent this, the house needs protection by a flexible and effective waterproofing product, such as Jardine Distribution’s Optimum Flex.

Optimum Flex is a flexible “cementitious” or cement-based product that seeps into—and bonds with—the concrete to seal off pores and tiny spaces where water can enter. It completely and permanently bonds with the concrete, enabling the structure to be flexible enough to withstand frequent movements and avoid cracking.

Optimum Flex has the pre-packaged and pre-measured components of a powder and an emulsion. All you have to do is take these out of the package and mix them directly. It is very easy and convenient to use, leaving no room for errors in measurement. Once mixed according to instructions, Optimum Flex may be applied to the concrete structure. It only takes about 20 minutes for Optimum Flex to dry, set, and bond permanently with the concrete.

Optimum Flex is the ideal waterproofing product for concrete structures that are susceptible to movements like canopies and balconies.  

With Optimum Flex, you can safeguard your investment from water damage.