A Quick Tour of Pico Sands Hotel at Pico de Loro

A Quick Tour of Pico Sands Hotel at Pico de Loro

From the hotel entrance, you’ll notice a lot of bird photos, as mentioned in my previous blog (A Well Deserved Break a Pico Sands Hotel), those birds that can be found at Pico de Loro and you can hear them chirp when your outside. I suggest you bring a binocular if you love bird watching.

At the ground floor, there’s a bar that’s currently closed to maintain COVID protocols. The restaurant also does not offer buffet dining temporarily for the same reasons but they offer ala carte and set meals. There is also a spa near the bar but they do not accept room service because of the pandemic.

Just right outside are more dining tables underneath huge trees with the view of the lagoon. Most guests prefer dining outside because of the view and also the ambiance. At night the alfresco dining transforms to a romantic setting with lights, lamps, and table setup.

If you walk a bit from the dining place there’s a pool area facing the lagoon and the clubhouse where amenities such as the gym, games are (bowling, billiards, darts), an indoor court where you can play tennis, badminton, volleyball, or basketball. You just need to bring your own rackets for your games. There are also enclosed areas where you can do yoga or Zumba and a play area for the kids (temporarily closed).

The left building is the hotel where we are staying, the other two on the right are the condo units. I was taking the photo from the gym inside the clubhouse.

The clubhouse also has its own convenience store since you are in a secluded area and you are probably at least five kilometers away from the nearest store which is something you have to take into account when you book at Pico de Loro. Make sure you have everything prepared.

On the way to the beach, you can either walk from the hotel or ride a cart. I prefer walking to enjoy the view and the first stop is the St. Therese Chapel of the Child Jesus located on the hillside with a magnificent panoramic view of the beach.

Aside from the beach, the chapel is a perfect place for a wedding especially if you want to marry in a church but also want a beach wedding. There’s a huge event place as well if you don’t want your guests to have sand on their feet. It’s close to the parking area and they have villas exclusively available for your caterer, glam team, and others.

On the way down is one of the most visited areas at the beach for selfies and photos.

Pico de Loro’s kilometer and a half sandy shores are open to all hotel guests but there an area that’s only accessible to Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club members and unit owners. Hotel guests have access to the Reef Bar where they offer grilled meat, seafood, cocktails, and many more.

Pico Sands Hotel also offers beach activities like the jetski, banana boat, kayak, aqua biking, snorkling, and even scuba diving for an additional cost of course. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go on a trail for an hour to reach an exclusive beach. That’s what’s up next on the blog – things you can do at Pico Sands Hotel.