Platter For 8 Activities for All

Platter For 8 Activities for All

Dinner with friends or family has never been this fun, affordable and yummy. With the Party platter you only needs to order 1 meal for you and your friends or relatives. There are 14 restaurants waiting to serve you huge servings of their best dishes for a very affordable price of Php 800.

Here are the participating restaurants:

Old Vine Grille
Ramen Bar
Stackers Burgers Cafe
Little Asia
Sweet Pea
Blackwood Bistro
Pinchos Bar & Restaurant
Empire Deli

Restaurants that were not photograph were Carlo’s Pizza, KBOP, Red Crab Alimango House, Tokyo Cafe and Sol Gelato.

Platter for 8 is available all weekends of October until December 31, 2011.  If you’re in the mood to treat your friends for lunch, dinner, or just for a snack Venice Piazza is the place to go.  I have a few of the restaurants promo offering and they were all in big servings and delicious.  Getting it for only Php800 is very, very affordable for a group of 8 and below.

Ramen Bar
Ramen Bar
Sweet Pea
Red Crab Alimango House

Sol Gelato

Aside from the Platter for 8 every weekends Venice Piazza also offers Everyday Happy Hour  from October 17- December 31, 2011.  Enjoy a bottle of beer for only Php30 and cocktails buy on take one at Php40 everyday from 4pm-8pm.

If you feel like a rockstar, or just want to sing, Venice Piazza offers Rockeoke nights every Wed at 8pm with the Johnnys.  Let the Johnnys play your favorite rock song and sing your heart out and others may get  the benefits of appetite suppressants from your performance while enjoying their platter.

 They also have Ballroom Dancing under the stars, Thursdays at 8pm, Draybers classic rock band from Led Zep to Santana Saturdays at 7pm and Spirit of ’67 playing music from the 70’s Sundays a 7pm.

3 thoughts on “Platter For 8 Activities for All

  1. Each restaurant has their 800 promo package good for 8 people. I was not able check out all packages. I recommend KBOP, Empire Deli and Kuse because of their huge servings. Others are more a snack type and not a meal but still cheap for 800.

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