Discover Binondo, Discover Ramada Manila Central

Discover Binondo, Discover Ramada Manila Central

It was weekend well spent in Manila, the heart of Philippines. I’ve always been fascinated with the wonders that mesmerized the Spaniards and the beauty that brought the Americans and Japan at war. Manila  has always been on my list to visit because there is a lot to discover.

A good place to start discovering Manila is at Binondo, or Manila’s Chinatown, where food, bargains and heritage are in one place.  Binondo also showcases a new gem, Ramada Manila Central, Binondo’s first ever International Hotel.

Ramada Central Manila

Ramada Manila Central is located at Ongpin corner Quintin Paredes Street in Binondo, Manila – adjacent with Binondo Chruch, hard to miss.

Just right after walking in, I was surprised to find such beautiful place in the busiest place in Manila.  All the bad vibes were left out of the building as I entered. This place could out shine hotels in the business districts like Makati and Ortigas.

Ramada Central Manila

Ramada Central Manila
that’s Binondo church (inside looking out)

Ramada Central Manila

Before checking in, I just took a quick look around the lobby area.

lobby (8)

lobby (13)

lobby (18)

The Lobby Lounge is open if you want to have a drink or two, it is also open to the public and has stairway which leads to News Cafe, Ramada Manila Central’s restaurant.

After a quick look at the lobby, we immediately went to your room, the Executive Room….

Ramada Central Manila

Inside our room was a  bottle of  wine, refreshments and a fruit platter to welcome us. Just what we need after a battling our way through the gates of hell.

The hotel sues an electronic door-lock system using key cards. As we walk in, a Zen like fragrance filled the room that compliments the room’s Modern Asian theme.

Ramada Central Manila
The Mandatory Maki Photo

We were checked in at the Executive Room which is about 27-33 sqm, a very spacious room. There were four of us, my wife and two kids and we were still able to run around play inside the room.

executive (4)

The room has a mini office set up that has internet access through LAN as WiFi access on each floor is still being set up, I can actually detect WiFi from other floors already but it’s just that I don’t have access to it.

The room also has a nice view of the Binondo Church, don’t worry you won’t hear any church bells in the morning.

executive (1)

The toilet and bath room is also spacious. A rain shower or over head shower, a bath tub and a huge mirror, just what I need. Surprisingly Ramada Manila Central has the best toiletries I’ve encountered in any hotel. It just smells so good it, I found out form the hotel manager that they were all imported form Hong Kong. It was really good, it was like from a signature brand.

executive (2)

Inside the cabinet, you’ll find an electronic safe, a blower, a mini cabinet/drawer and some hangers, which are all standard in any hotel, except for the blower.

executive (5)

After unpacking I was given a tour of Ramada Manila Central to check out the other rooms and amenities….

First on the tour is the Superior Room, it’s Ramada Manila Central’s standard room about 21-25 square meters. It may be small but it has everything that other rooms has, except for the bath tub.

Ramada Watermarked-175

Each room looks and feel the same regardless of the size.

Ramada Watermarked-176

Ramada Watermarked-179

 The Deluxe Room is at 25-27 square meters. The only thing missing here is the bath tub.

Ramada Watermarked-184

Ramada Watermarked-182

The Ramada Suite. The room is at 48 square meters and very much feels like home, only better. What I love about this room aside from the amount of space it offers is the 180 degree view of the Binondo Church. Perfect for photo enthusiasts. Imagine the bride looking at the church through the windows of this room.

Suite (17)

Suite (18)

Suite (4)

Suite (8)

Now the amenities, starting with the gym which is open to all customers and opens and 6AM.

ammenities (27)

For those who are in for business  you can head to the Business Center and use the Board Room if needed. There will be corresponding charges  but it will be worth it as it will be like own office, only better.

ammenities (17)

Ramada Manila Central is also available for huge functions and celebrations with its Function Rooms and Events Hall.

ammenities (2)

My favorite area is the Premier Lounge. This is where small, private gatherings can be held. It’s

ammenities (11)

ammenities (14)

ammenities (24)

ammenities (15)

After the tour we decided to take a tour of Binondo ourselves to Discover Binondo, specially the food. There are a lot great places to Binondo and that’s what we also came here for.

binondo (2)

binondo (4)

We were enjoying our tour of Binondo and decided to eat outside. Our friends recommended a lot of restaurants that we can try out, one of them is Wai Ying. Recommended by our Tsinoy friend.

binondo (11)

We had a great time touring Binondo and we were happy to have chosen Wai Ying for our dinner as it was very satisfying.

The next day I was supposed to go to the gym and try out their facilities but I was too lazy to get out of bed. It was break fast that gave a jolt and made me leave the bed….

Just as soon as everyone’s prepared we went down and walked our way to Binondo Church for the Sunday mass. Then we went straight to News Cafe for our breakfast, I wouldn’t want to miss any of these.

cafes (1)

cafe (23)

cafe (3)

cafe (9)

My over all experience with Ramada Manila Central was very satisfying. With its world class designs, amenities, and security, I couldn’t ask for more (except a pool). Ramada Central Hotel is just a few blocks a way from the Lucky China Town Mall  where the also offer free shuttle if you want to check it out. They also have partner ships with establishments in Binondo (restaurants, museums, tours), as part of their Discover Binondo campaign.

Some say that the a hotel like this should have been placed in the business districts as it is more fitted there. I say no.

Being the heart of the country, Manila has gone through a lot of operations and major bypass. Until today its veins are still clogged with the same problems which prevents it to beat faster and live healthy.

Having experienced a day exploring it’s beauty and a night discovering its marvels, I realized that Manila only needs the right supplements to keep it beating and fighting and I believe that’s what Ramada Manila Central is built for.

Ramada Central Manila

Ramada Manila Central
Ongpin corner Quintin Paredes Street in Binondo, Manila
+632-5886688 +632-3544151 +632-3544152

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