How To Make You and Your BFF’s Shots Instagram-worthy

How To Make You and Your BFF’s Shots Instagram-worthy

Liza Soberano and Michelle Vito’s Instagram #bestfies are those you wish you could pull off with your own BFF as well. If we’re not mesmerized by their close-up selfies, we’re enchanted by their chic OOTDs that amass thousands of likes and comments from their loyal followers. Apart from being equipped with a quality camera like the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+, the pair shares a few tips on how do they pull off their awesome BFF photos!

Simplicity is our secret,” shares Liza. The young actress admits that she prefers using fewer filters in her photos. “We’d use apps like VSCO and Snapseed, but only for brightness. We never heavily edit our personal posts. From time to time, Michelle and I would take photos with cutesy details, like a floral crown, for fun. But we rarely upload them. It’s just for us and our friendship.”

Michelle, on the other hand, is more mindful of the locations qqshe shoots. “I like backgrounds that are not too busy, but not too plain either. You’d want your look to blend well with beautiful backdrops and places.”

For IG-worthy photos, Liza says that lighting, when done right, can be your best friend. “You must learn how to find you light, and figure out how you look like in different lighting conditions,” the actress shares. “Perfect lighting has the ability to complement and elevate a nice face angle and pose.”

As for Michelle, the student-actress says that it doesn’t hurt to go all-out sometimes! “Just capture as many awesome photos as you can! Liza and I, for example, make the most out of our bonding moments because we rarely see each other. That’s why we love taking a lot of glam and wacky photos,” she shares. “At times, we also like getting creative with our poses, backgrounds, and lighting.”

In the end, Liza and Michelle remind their fans that a picture-perfect friendship isn’t one with the most BFF photos with many likes on Instagram, but one that is built on trust and love for each other. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to have a phone that can help them capture and relive the best moments in their friendship – the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+!

“The Samsung Galaxy J7 is perfect for BFFS. Its quality camera features effortlessly capture our best moments. The new pink color is a nice touch, too, as it also makes the phone photogenic in itself!” says the pair.

With its 13MP rear autofocus and front-facing camera with LED flash, Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+ allows the pair to take awesome, IG-worthy photos.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and J7+ in Pink is now available in the Philippines.