Snack up on Chocolates – without the Guilt!

Snack up on Chocolates – without the Guilt!

Is chocolate your number one indulgence choice?  Don’t worry you’re not alone, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it because there already is a better option.

Valor Chocolates has five reasons to satisfy your taste for premium chocolate without the guilt:

1. Sweetness Comes Naturally with Stevia and Maltitol.   Unlike other sugar substitutes, stevia is derived from a plant.  It is a green, leafy plant (Stevia rebaudiana) native to South America, where the leaves have been used there for centuries as a natural sweetener.  It is fifteen (15) times sweeter than sugar.

Stevia Plant
plant photo from wiki

Maltitol, on the other hand, is a bulk sweetener produced from naturally occurring compounds in wheat and corn, which are both renewable sources.  It improves taste profile, texture, “mouth-feeling” and enhances the natural cocoa flavors of chocolate.

2.The Darker the Better. Dark Chocolates contain more cocoa and less milk and sugar.   It is known to be a great source of antioxidant and improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.  Quality dark chocolates are also rich in minerals such as fiber and iron (Source:  One good thing nowadays is that dark chocolates come in a variety of range and flavors offering more options to every “chocoholic’s” preference.

Valor Dark Chocolate

3. Pleasure in every bite.  Chocolates are considered by most people their “feel good”, comfort food.   Studies show that chocolates stimulate the release of endorphins, the natural hormones, which has the ability to improve mood and promotes a feeling of pleasure and sense of well-being. Discover what’s behind the pleasure in every bite of your favorite chocolate bar.

4. Go for All-Natural IngredientsWith the growing trend of health and wellness in the country, Filipinos are more discerning on the food they eat and the products they buy.  However, one common misconception is that most health food generally doesn’t taste as good.

Finding the best sugar-free chocolate that tastes as pleasurable and sweet is indeed quite difficult.  However, the key to discovering delicious, sugar-free chocolate begins with the finest ingredients.  Valor Chocolate experts craft great-tasting chocolates from bean to bar, ensuring that its pure, rich taste come from quality cacao beans transformed into luscious chocolate bars.

Breaking Tablet

4. Less Calories… Same Great TasteGood news to all weight-watchers!  No need to avoid those tempting candy and chocolate aisle in the supermarket.  You can now indulge your delightfully sweet cravings with sugar-free bars but still enjoying the same great taste.   Valor sugar-free bars come in broad range that is ideal for chocolate lovers who are watching their weight or need to control their sugar intake. They retain all the flavor and pleasure of chocolates – without the sugar.

With these five wonderful reasons to enjoy chocolates, you no longer need to deprive yourself of enjoying its indulging pleasure.  In fact, all these can be experienced in Valor’s wide range of sugar-free chocolate bars which contain all natural ingredients, natural sweeteners and made from quality cacao beans from three of the world’s finest sources – Ghana, Ecuador, and Panama.

The pleasure that lies in each bite of Valor Chocolates is in giving in to your craving for the best-tasting chocolate without the guilt.  So the moment you get your hands on a bar of Valor be sure to surrender yourself to its premium sugar-free chocolate goodness!

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