Wafu Celebrates 4 Years of Authentic Japanese Dining Experience

Wafu Celebrates 4 Years of Authentic Japanese Dining Experience

The last time I’ve been to Wafu was almost two years ago and it still provides the best authentic Japanese dining experience with synergy of modern and traditional Japanese dishes. Wafu is located right in the heart of Greenhills, it’s not hard to miss. The facade itself is a head turner.

Wafu Greenhills

I’ve been to Wafu before and ate at the teppanyaki area at the second floor. Watching the chef cook your meal at the hot table is an awesome experience. He showed a lot of tricks including a fire bending. The main dining area in the ground floor which features a high ceiling and sophisticated interiors, which include the iconic 3 lotus pod dining tables by famed designer, Amy Pamintuan.

Wafu Greenhills 1

This year, Wafu celebrates it’s 4th Anniversary with the arrival of Onishi Nobuyoshi, or Chef Nobu, a new menu and better ingredients that are air-flown straight from the land of the rising sun.

Wafu Greenhills 9

Chef Nobu does not own Nobu Hotel, although he wished he did. Chef Nobu is a Master Sushi Chef and his years of experience has brought about the new, authentic and affordable menu at Wafu.

Sushi Platter Take
Maguro (tuna), Tai (red seabream), Salmon, Aji (horse mackarel), Ika (squid), Ikura (red caviar), Unagi (freshwater eel), Tamago (egg) & Ebi (prawn). I didn’t bother trying any of them because I am not a fan of raw seafood, but my friends like them and they are just happy to get my share of the platter.

Wafu Greenhills 2

Hot Platter
Gindara (cod fish), Chuck Roll & Scallops on Shell with Balsamic Sauce, Daikon Oroshi (radish) & Fuagura Sakke (foie gras). This platter’s mine and it has my name written all over it, in Japanese. I can’t get enough of the scallops, it’s the best one in the platter.

Wafu Greenhills 3

Cold Platter
Toro (tuna), Hamachi (jack fish), Salmon, Uni (sea urchin), Gruper, Aji ( horse mackerel) & Tiger Prawn. This something that I didn’t ouch as well. I tried eating raw fish before, I really don’t like the taste. My friend Ruth loved it and even asked for another serving of the sea urchin. It’s the one on the upper right of the photo.

Wafu Greenhills 4

Tempura Platter
Shira Uo (Japanese anchovy), Ebi Shinju (shrimp balls), Uni Isobe age (sea urchin tempura). If you’re eating with a group, I suggest you grab those shrimp the shrimp balls fast before everyone else. You must not let it pass.

Wafu Greenhills 5

Makimono Platter
California Roll, Spicy Salmon & Futo Maki. Each of them is a mouthful of flavor. The spicy salmon is my choice among the three rolls.

Wafu Greenhills 6

Vegetable Platter
Carrots, Pumpkin, Beans & Sayote with Tarabani Sauce. This is new to me. It is topped with crab meat and covered in jelly form Tarabani sauce. The sauce tastes like miso soup but cold, and jelly.

Wafu Greenhills 8

Aside from the new items on the menu, in celebration of it’s 4th year, Wafu has got promos for you to enjoy.

Wafu 999 Teppanyaki-All-You-Can

This will be a memorable dining experience with family or friends in one of the teppan tables as Wafu’s  skilled chefs prepare your meats, seafood, vegetables, and Japanese fried rice, right before your eyes. Watch them play with fire.

Wafu 888 Ala Carte Buffet

For only P888++ per person experience the all new Wafu Buffet, choose 1 main and enjoy all-you-can-eat on crispy Tempura, as well as salad, miso soup, and a selection of delicious rolls.

Wafu Happy Hour

Enjoy unlimited servings of your favorite Japanese street food such as Yakitori, Sashimi and Rolls. Then wash them all down with unlimited draft beer or Japanese sake. All for only P550++ per head (5PM – 8PM only). Kampai!

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