Tour Intramuros with White Knight Hotel’s Electric Chariots

Tour Intramuros with White Knight Hotel’s Electric Chariots

If you are looking for heritage places to visit and in the historical mood the old Walled City of Manila, Intramuros is on top of the list. It’s a photographers haven and a historian’s delight. Intramuros is one place that I never get tired of visiting, however touring it can be tiring, but with the new electric chariots it’s going to  be SO MUCH FUN.



White Knight Hotel Intramuros offers the White Knight Tours, using a four wheel ATVs and Segway Pesonal Transporters to tour walled city.

White Knight Hotel is located at Plaza San Luis Complex General Luna Street cor. Urdaneta Street Intramuros, Manila. It’s just right in front of San Agustin church.

Before riding your chariots, there will safety guidelines and a bin of training conducted by the  White Knight Tours team.

White Knight Tours 1

White Knight Tours 2

The 4-wheeled electric chariot is easy to use. You have the FORWARD, REVERSE and NEUTRAL options on the knob. Then you just have to keep relaxed and steady to get smooth ride. Wearing the helmet, knee and elbow pads are a requirement for your protection.

The 2-wheeled chariot looks difficult to handle. It’s as if I will be mounting a wild stallion.

White Knight Tours 3
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It was pretty easy actually. Just stand there and find your purpose in life and what gives you inner peace. In short, just find your balance. There will be a quick test ride just so you get the hang of it…

White Knight Tours 4
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Once your good and ready to go that’s when the tour starts.

Reminder: You have to stay in one line, watch out for the gutters, keep your eyes on the road and if you find the urge the overtake your fellow tourists, don’t. It’s really tempting once you get to master your chariot but for everyone’s safety, DON’T.

White Knight Tours 5

White Knight Tours 6

White Knight Tours 7

If you’re wondering how you can take photos while standing with both hands on the Segway, you can’t. You would have to hand your camera to the guides. Don’t worry, they take good photos. Aside from the tour guide riding an electric chariot there are a few others walking with you to keep an eye on you and for any assistance including taking photos…

White Knight Tours 8

White Knight Tours 9

If you’re not comfortable with these electric chariots, you can just sit and relax inside a tourist van.

White Knight (42)

Mounting the chariots will cost P500 for a 30 minute tour and P1000 for an hour. It includes the tour itself, a tourist guide that may have been a time traveler as he has a lot of information to share about the Spanish era, and the wonderful experience.

White Knight Tours 10

The use of this 360° virtual tour of White Knight Hotel Intramuros in Manila is authorized by Traveloka.

If you are checked in at White Knight Hotel, they have packaged tours available to take advantage of. The also have partnerships with other tourist destinations like Subic, Tagaytay, and Laguna to give tourist a complete Filipino experience and find out themselves why it’s More Fun in the Philippines.

White Knight (9)

Call them at (632) 526-6539 and 526-6181 or visit their facebook page for more info –

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  1. This is a super fun way to tour Intramuros. Adventurous Filipinos should try this at least once in their lives 🙂

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