Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3

It was a very enchanting week for me for I was able to attend a couple of events with lots of beautiful women and one of them was the Premiere of StarWorld’s Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3.


The 3rd Season of Asia’s Next Top Model is hosted by the very beautiful Georgina Wilson and there are three Filipina contestants that made it through the audition. They are Amanda, Franchesca and Monika.

Rounding out the judging panel on Asia’s Next Top Model are Wilson’s fellow newcomer Alex Perry, who is himself a fashion icon and had previously done work with Australia’s Next Top Model, and model Joey Mead King, who returns to the show as mentor extraordinaire, having coached the aspiring models since Season 1.


17 year-old Amanda is the youngest among all contestants, both parents are Filipino but she is based in Australia which explains her lovely accent. To me looks like Rachel Weisz, she may look young and innocent but she has the heart of a professional, the next top model. Francheska is from Laguna and has already been modeling professionally for quite some time now.


There are 11 other contestants which they have to compete with in a unique modeling boot camp that will immerse them in activities that define the modeling industry, including catwalks, fashion shoots and acting classes designed to develop their personalities and ready them for the rigors of the fashion world.

Here’s the list of all contestants:

  • Aimee Rose Cheng-Bradshaw (Singapore)
  • Amanda Bianca Chan (The Philippines)
  • Barbara Akemi Katsuki (Japan/ Brazil)
  • Duong Celine Thuy-vi (Vietnam/ France)
  • Franchesca Denise Lagua (The Philippines)
  • Kirsteen Ching Wing MacGregor Barlow (Hong Kong)
  • Ayu Gani (Indonesia)
  • Kiana Anora Guyon (Thailand)
  • Loretta Chow (Hong Kong)
  • Melissa Tan Li Hsia (Malaysia)
  • Marlena Monika Sta Maria (The Philippines)
  • Rani Ramadhany (Indonesia)
  • Shareeta Selvaraj (Malaysia)
  • Tahlia Raji (Indonesia)


In each episode, the models will learn basic and advanced skills designed to prepare them for a highly competitive environment, bringing Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 to a whole new level with high stakes, high class and high fashion storylines. In the end, only one model will prove herself worthy of the title of Asia’s Next Top Model, and her rise to fame will prove to be a compelling journey witnessed by viewers of the show.

Tune in every Wednesday at 8.45pm to find out who wins this year’s Asia’s Next Top Model. For more information, visit

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