Cherry Goes Wow on Windows!

Cherry Goes Wow on Windows!

Cherry Mobile has given Pinoys four new reason to celebrate with the release of its Alpha Series. The Alpha Series consists two new phones,  tablets that runs on the latest version of Windows mobile.

WP Cherry Alpha Series


The Alpha Style and Alpha Luxe are the series’ smartphones with the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, priced at Php 2,999 and Php 4,999 respectively. Style is 4″ inch entry level that comes with 4GB ROM and  512MB RAM, while Luxe doubles the ROM and RAM on a 5″ screen. For image capturing, Luxe is equipped with 8MP while Style has 5MP.

Alpha Style

Alpha Luxe

Alpha Morph and Alpha Play runs on 1.33 gigahertz quad core processors and Intel Gen7 HD graphics. Morph, priced at Php 11,999, is the more productivity-oriented of the pair, coming with its own keyboard in-box, 32 gigabytes of on-board memory, and two gigabytes of RAM. It has a 10-inch high-definition IPS screen, making its overall build perfect for work on the go. Play, priced at Php 7,999, is geared for a sleeker tablet experience with its 8-inch screen. Designed for mobile play and media consumption, it has 16 gigabytes of memory, and a gigabyte of RAM.

Alpha Play

Alpha Morph

The phones come installed with Microsoft Office, while the convertible tablets are able to install desktop applications such as design software, PC games, thousands of other useful applications from the Windows Store. Bundled with every tablet purchase is a year of MS Office 365 Personal subscription and 1 terabyte of cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive.

Here’s Morph in the flesh.


During the event they also unveiled their latest TV Ad with Cherry Mobile brand ambassador Kim Chiu she revealed that she has not seen the ad until that night. She shared some fun moments at the shoot during the interview. Cherry Mobile expressed that they were very happy to have her again, it was one of the most memorable Tv shoots they had. It was fun, quick, and easy, just like the Alpha Series.


Here’s the ad.

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