DigiCon 2019, “Digital” is not just a department—it’s a way of life

DigiCon 2019, “Digital” is not just a department—it’s a way of life

DigiCon, the largest event for digital in the Philippines is spearheaded by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), is set to leap into a new chapter after the successful “X Trilogy”. Out of the three DigiCons, I only missed the first – The Power of X in 2016. I was able to attend DigiCon DX in 2017, which was all about building the culture of transformation in the digital world and last year’s DigiCon XE, Experience Extraordinary.

In the last three years they have brought in the biggest names from the biggest brands in the digital world to share their expertise and give insights in to the state of digital here and abroad.

This year, DigiCon is opening up a new chapter which takes a LEAP further to Lead, Explore, Apply, and Practice with technologies and strategies propelling the world’s most dynamic brands. DigiCon 2019 is set for October 16-18, 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

More than 75 industry visionaries will share knowledge across four tracks:

  • Lead – will focus on upgrading leadership skills and thinking at every career stage;
  • Explore – will unveil state-of-the-art technology for brands and marketers;
  • Apply where participants can roll up their sleeves and dive right into interactive workshops;
  • Practice – will focus on tech trends for specific categories and industries.

The event will culminate with this year’s Boomerang Awards, a showcase of the country’s best works in the digital space. Aside from the teachings, insights and practices, I also as excited to meet and network to people from the same industry with the same interest

“We are way past the era where the most digital savvy brands could stay relevant by relying on the work of an isolated digital team,” says IMMAP President Dennis Perez, who also serves as the Media Director for Unilever Philippines. “Now, success requires digital excellence across all fronts. The whole company needs to live and breathe technology.”

Leading the international roster of speakers is corporate culture guru Patty McCord, whose Netflix Culture Deck has disrupted the way modern conglomerates operate internally. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook even calls it “the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley.” The breakthrough presentation has been viewed more than five million times, and continues to be referenced in emerging literature.

This year is the biggest in the history of the annual event, spearheaded by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP). Aside from Patty McCord, other speakers include Pratik Thakar of Coca-Cola, Myki Slonim of Vice Media, Sea Yen Ong of Spotify, Yeo Siang Tiong of Kaspersky Lab, Hanz Lopez Vito of BBDO, Wendy Clark of DDB, Dexter Ong of Wattpad, Roger Yuen of Clozette, Derek Tan of Viddsee, Bhavna Suresh of Lamudi, Tanya Wilson of The Unusual Network, Anthony Thomas of MYNT, Matt Sutton of Whalar, Hazel Savage of Musiio, Raiford Cockfield of Bitrep.me, and many more.

“As consumer behavior becomes increasingly digital, companies must understand the importance of not just maintaining a digital presence, but also delivering brave work in that competitive space,” adds Perez. “Through DigiCon 2019, we want to give Philippine brands direct access to the visionaries who continue to guide entire industries in that direction.”

DigiCon 2019 is open to brands, marketers, publishers, and all followers of tech. For more information visit https://digicon.immap.com.ph, follow @immap.digicon on Facebook, or email digicon@futureproof.ph.