Free Range Chicken by Pamora Farm

Free Range Chicken by Pamora Farm

I have always wondered how many chickens are eaten in day. You have thousands of restaurants that serves fried chicken, that’s just fried chicken. Then there are other dishes and we have the grocery’s meat section and the wet market’s chicken stations. Having said that there are probably hundred millions of chicken slaughtered world wide a day just to meet the demand of the market. How do they do it?

They say that if we have food allergy we are not allergic to any food that we take, we are allergic to the chemical that was used to enhance the food, like fertilizers or boosters. Scary isn’t it?

I have always loved eating native chicken. The ones that my father-in-law serves every time we come home to visit the province. Although it does not have much meat, it’s tastier, it has less fat and safer to eat that any commercial chicken.

Then there’s the Free Range chickens by Pamora Farm. Free Range is a method of farming husbandry where the chickens are free to roam a round, catch some worms or insects, run around and chase each other in other words do whatever they want.

Free-range Chicken-3

Pamora free-range chickens come from a coloured breed from France. This breed is a slow growing type of broiler. Quality F1’s or first generation offspring are being raised in Pamora Farm.

Free-range Chicken-2

Pamora Farm is  owned and managed by real life partners Gerard PApillon and Tina MORAdos provides livelihood opportunities to the community in Abra.  Growing organic fruits and vegetables aside from chickens the natural way.

Chicken in the range
French chickens anyone?

These chickens not only tastes good but also so much healthier compared to commercial chickens.  Being out in the open for a minimum of eight hours to get some sun and a exercise will definitely burn those fat away.

If ever chickens get sick, giving them chemical based medicine will be the last resort. They will be first given mixture of medicinal plants like mixtures of oregano, ginger, onion, lemon grass among others which works most of the time.

Here are some of their products:

Chicken Burger

May 6 (187 of 272)
Roasted Coquelet with Rosemary and Garlic served with Mashed Potato

Pamora chickens, eggs & pâté products are available at Santis delicatessen, Terry Selections, Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise, Metro Market! Market!, RFI Farm Outlet (Holy Spirit, QC), Joji Berry (Crossroad 77 Mother Ignacia, QC), NCCC – Davao, Champetre restaurant (BGC), Brasserie Ciçou (Greenhills), Resorts World Manila, Ilustrado Restaurant (Intramuros), El Nido Resorts, Amanpulo, Saturday Market, Ayala Alabang Village and Golden Acres Farm, Inc. (distributor).

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