Job Hunting Right In Your Pocket via JobStreet Mobile App

Job Hunting Right In Your Pocket via JobStreet Mobile App

Jobstreet has always been my choice of Job site. I have had quite a good experience with Jobstreet when it comes to job hunting. They have made it easy for job seekers to start a career just by browsing the internet.

What I like most about job street is it’s ability to match your profile with the right job and it does it so well that most people I know landed the right job.

Now in the age of smart phones and tablets, more and more people are logged in to the internet using their mobile devices. Jobstreet has made job searching easier and on the go with their mobile App.


What I have is the Android version which has not been updated yet but will be, soon according to Jobstreet. The iOS version has just recently been updated and is packed with awesome features. Let me give a glimpse of the Android version.


After logging in you will now then be able to customize your search proceed with your job hunting. There’s also a tab for recommended jobs and jobs that matches with the profile that you created. It is really a must to update and complete your profile for a better match.

Since your logged in you can send your application on the spot. Share the job you found with friends thru email or just simply save it and get back to it after.


On the updated version (available only on the iOS, for now) it has a feature where you can search for the job near me using the GPS or phone’s map. The jobs near you also matches your profile, it also automatically gives the map of the location of the company you are interested in applying to.

What I would want the future version on the app to have is the ability to create and update your profile because as of now it is still done over the website.

Jobstreet has also partnered with Globe in helping jobseekers make life easier. They understand that budget is an issue with jobseekers. Globe included unlimited access to Jobstreet thru it’s app and via the mobile browser ( in it’s Mail20Plus. Respond to email applications,  send resumes and set a job interview schedule for the whole day for only P20.


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