TechnoMarine It’s Time

TechnoMarine It’s Time

TechnoMarine has chosen their line up new endorsers that are on top of their game, achieving remarkable things things with passion, hard work and determination. TechnoMarine believes that their time is now

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 Bianca Gonzalez is a TV host, fashion magazine editor, and media personality whose voice resonates with the Filipino youth. Through her blog, her hosting, her Sunday lifestyle column, or the various talks she gives, she has become an opinion leader – an eminent force in the media encouraging the youth to become active and involved. With so many projects on her hands, she is continuously growing and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

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The perfect mix of strength and femininity, Bianca personifies TechnoMarine’s Cruise Ceramic line. Though ceramic has a smooth and sensual exterior, its precise craftsmanship ensures its strength and durability but with a beautiful finish – much like the strong female voice that is Bianca.

 Cruise Ceramic Collection

Phil Younghusband is arguably the biggest name in Philippine football, offering his talents to the Philippine Azkals and the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club. It was during his time with the Azkals that football really started to gain a following in the country. In order to further plant the seeds of its growth, Phil and his brother put up the Younghusband Football Academy to enhance the skills of young Filipino footballers. Like many professional players, his following is not limited to the die-hard football fans that flock to pubs to watch games; one of the country’s favorite faces, this British-Filipino has sparked the interest of female fans as well.

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An athlete and a heartthrob, nothing suits Phil better than TechnoMarine’s Black Reef collection – a masculine, oversized watch full of energy and testosterone. Drawing inspiration from one of the best diving spots in the world, the Black Reef collection features the vibrant colors of the underwater spectacle and is the perfect water-resistant, high-powered luxury sport watch for diving and all kinds of adventure. The Black Reef is the watch for the trailblazers – like Phil, who has begun to make waves in Philippine football.

 Black Reef Collection

 Though Heart Evangelista has been in the show business scene for over a decade, her career is as colorful as ever. An actress, TV host, singer, VJ, and commercial model, Heart has dabbled in many creative outlets and found success in all her endeavors. The celebrated star has grown up in front of the camera and her fans, from the sweet girl-next-door to a full-fledged actress with prestigious awards under her belt.

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Much like Heart’s point in her career, the Cruise Treasure Quest with Diamonds of TechnoMarine brings a new twist to an old favorite. Following the success of the Cruise Treasure timepieces, the Treasure Quest with Diamonds ups its predecessor with its luxury elements such as Mother of Pearl, pink gold, white diamonds, and blue sapphires – the glitz and glamour of which will sweep you into a fantasy. An artiste who paves her own path, Heart holds her own as she embarks on the treasure quest to success.

 Cruise Dream Treasure Quest

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