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I grew up reading tagalog comics.  Every day I read the comic section of my dad’s newspaper.  One comic strip is Kuyug.  The name Kuyug is the town where Indo, Sebya, Nanay Betsy, Ato and Longino live.  It’s a hilarious strip by Roni Santiago.  It shows that real side of a typical Filipino rural neighborhood.  The comic section also includes Maskarado by Rene Maniquis.  It was a story of a police inspector who was a entrusted with a mask by an alien named Orimar.  Wearing the mask he became adept to all forms of combat, limited invulnerability, above average strength and flight.  He became known as the superhero Maskarado.  When everybody was done reading the news, I cut out the comic strip and paste in on a bond paper then place it in a folder.  Maskarado and Kuyug are now sold at bookstores.
I also had a chance to enjoy reading Filipino Funny Comics.  New issues are sold every Friday at newspaper stands.  My favorites were the never ending quarrels of Tomas at Kulas, the crazy antics of Niknok, the kingdom of Matsutsu and the adventures of Combatron. The pages also include Trivias and Fan corner where you get to submit your drawings and greetings. Liwayway magazine was also one of my favorites.  It includes short stories, news and comics.  Liwayway was the home of Agua Bendita and Kulafu.

Today I still read and support our own writers and illustrators.  I am now a fan of Pol Medina’s Pugad Baboy and Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo’s comic book Trese. For my son, I buy him books published Adarna, Hiyas and Lamapara.  He has almost a hundred of it.

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