Fruit + Juice + Skill = Mondo Juice

Fruit + Juice + Skill = Mondo Juice

Most fruits used by other stores are picked around two weeks before it ripens as it ripens along the travel from farm, warehouse, to distributors to store.

The fruits that Mondo Juice use are better than fresh fruits because it uses the IQF system or Individually Quick Frozen. It’s the only fruit that’s tree ripened. It frozen using liquid nitrogen which is only 10 mins away from the farm where the ripe fruit is picked.

No sugars, syrups, stabilizers, sweeteners, emulsifiers, binders, sorbets and/or ice creams. Just plain Fruit + Juice + Skill.

They have a wide array of smoothies. I was able to taste 4 of them so far. All of the smoothies are perfectly blended using a specially designed blender that’s time just right. Over blended smoothies tend to be watery and it affects the taste. But if it’s blended less it’s not mixed enough for the flavor to come out and the ice isn’t smooth. It’s blended right, the perfect smoothie.  The blenders are also cleaned after each use to make sure that the smoothie will always taste the same.

Premium Fruit Smoothies
Solo P130 / Mondo P180

Blueberry Bonanza – is their best seller. It’s my favorite. I’m a big fan of berries. The Blueberry Bonanza has blueberries, mangoes, bananas, cranberry juice. It’s very berry. I don’t know hwy but I have associated the taste to the plums I buy at Aji-Ichiban. It’s naturally sweet with a bit of sourness that’s just perfect. It’s probably the cranberry juice, it contains phytochemicals, which may help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.  It is also high in oxalate, and has been suggested to increase the risk for developing kidney stones.

Midnight Mango – It’s probably called Midnight Mango because of it’s color. It’s yellowish in color because of the cranberry juice but it still has the strong taste of mango. Just like the Blueberry Bonanza you’ll feel a bit of texture on your smoothie. You’ll mistaken it as seeds but it isn’t. It’s actually the skin of the skin/peeling of the berries. Midnight Mango contains blackberries, mangoes, cranberry juice, nectar. It’s not as sweet as you think because of the mango, just perfect.

Midnight Mango – blackberries, mangoes, cranberry juice, nectar

FYI – Both Blackberries and Blueberries are high in antioxidant. Blueberries contain a compound that is very effective in reducing high cholesterol. Blackberries are low in fat and calories.

Blushing Mango – This is the kids favorite, because it’s so good, it makes them blush, nuff said. It contains raspberries, mangoes and nectar.

Blushing Mango – raspberries, mangoes, nectar

The sandwich you see there is the Turkey Pesto. Smoked turkey breast, green peppers, lettuce, rustic spinach pesto on a rosemary focaccia.

Power Up – It’s an army of sickness prevention fruits. It like vitamins but does not taste like vitamins. Tastes like it’s supposed to be… fruits! It strawberries, pineapples, nectar, orange juice, + benefit of POWER UP but it my taste buds are correct, pineapples dominate the taste at around 10% only. You would hardly notice or distinguish the fruits in it unless you read the label. It still naturally sweet, a tasty way to power up.

Power Up – starwberries, pineapples, nectar, orangejuice, + benefit of POWER UP

Aside from smoothies they have Fresh Pressed Juices which includes apples, carrot, beets, celery, cucumber, spinach, green pepper and also wheat grass. I never imagined green pepper on my juice but they did it. As s supporter of natural, organic vegetables myself, I will definitely recommend this. Check out my Going Green post here.

They also have a lot of sandwiches, cakes, cookies, pies and a few other great snacks to munch on while enjoying Mondo Juice. Here’s a few of them.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie P50
Tuscan Sandwich P160
Fruti & Jello P85

Fruti & Jello – Available in Kiwi, Lychee and Mandarin Orange for P85.

 Mondo Juice is more than just a juice bar, is a hostof healthy snacks and sandwiches with all natural ingredients. I won’t be surprised if someday it’ll have tie-ups with fitness services or gyms. Cheers to the Mondo Juice team.

Check out their website at follow them on twitter @mondojuice and like them on Facebook.

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