Pedigree Spreads Paw-sitivity for the Animal Kingdom Foundation

Pedigree Spreads Paw-sitivity for the Animal Kingdom Foundation

Our dog Pilar has been with us for over 8 months now. Prior to Pilar (Pomeranian), we had Bok Joo (Chow-chow) who we gave to our friend because we can no longer take care of her. We were overwhelmed by its size and we realised we didn’t have enough space for her to run around. We also had Pedro (Mini Pinscher) who we lost from the parvovirus. We learned a lot from these two and we promised to take care of Pilar.

When she was still a young puppy, we were giving her a soft diet as advised. We tried Pedigree Simmered Beef and Pedigree Liver Loaf which she loved. She also gets her daily dose of vitamins and playtime and complete vaccines.

Also, check out Cesar Lamb Wet Dog Food which comes in five different flavor variants that your fur baby will surely love. – beef, beef & liver, lamb, chicken, and chicken and cheese flavor.

Pedigree - Spread Paw-sitivity

When she got older and ready for solid food, we had her try IAMS Dry Dog Food Puppy. It’s a bit pricey but you get a good deal on their official Shopee page –

We also tried the Pedigree Puppy Beef with Milk which contains DHA for brain development, fiber for healthy digestion, and calcium for growth development. It’s also good for pregnant and lactating doggy moms.

As for treats Pedigree has tons of nutritious treats you can choose from:

This Christmas the time for giving and that spirit definitely extends to our pets too! Today, Nov. 15, the PEDIGREE Store brings to you “Spread Paw-Sitivity“.

This is a storewide sale with discounts as high as 35% OFF and flash sales for as low as Php 1! Moreover, 10% of the total sales accumulated for the day shall be converted as pet food and be donated to Animal Kingdom Foundation.

Pedigree aims to raise 10,000 food bowls to make an even brighter Christmas for the pets of Animal Kingdom Foundation!