A Quick Look Saging Republik

Davao City is known to be exporting the best bananas in the world and it’s no surprise that businesses will come out of it. During our super short stay at Davao for the launch of GrabTaxi I was able to get a taste and experience how Davao restaurants were like… at Saging Republik.

Saging Republic 5

Although we weren’t there for a restaurant review, we can’t let the opportunity pass. I was able to take some photos and took down some notes about the food and the place.

Saging Republic 8

The interior has a modern industrial look, with funny signs all over.

Saging Republic 6

Saging Republic 7

Here’s what we had that day.

Saging Republic 1

Saging Republic 2

Saging Republic 3


A must try at Saging Republik are these two – the Gigingka, their version of the banana bread cooked like bibingka; and the Banana Walnut Torte.




Saging Republic 4


That’s about it. I wish I had more time to explorer and learn more about the place. I hope they open in Manila.

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