A Day With The Samsung GALAXY Camera

A Day With The Samsung GALAXY Camera

The Samsung GALAXY Camera or the GC100 created a lot of buzz in the tech scene. Being the first digital camera to adapt the Android OS. Well, most smart phones has a camera and runs on Android so what’s the difference?

For starters it has a 4.8” LCD HD Touch Display, a quad-core 1.4GHz processor, 1GB RAM and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. A 16.3MP sensor and a 23mm wide-angle lens with 21x optical zoom. Xenon flash, image stabilization and 1080p video recording. It has an 8Gb internal memory and you can add up to 32Gb micro SD card for additional storage.  It has a micro SIM slot and WiFi for you to be able to share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or your blogs. So you basically can do what your smart phone can, except making phone calls. You can make calls using Skype or Viber with it’s built in microphone, but no video calls.

I was able to my hands on the Samsung GALAXY Camera during our road trip/food trip by Samsung. It was a trip to Pampanga.

We stopped by a couple of famous restaurants and a few heritage landmarks. While enjoying the food we we’re also busy testing the Samsung GALAXY Camera.

It’s a bit heavy for a digital camera and it’s bigger than any other digital cameras. Probably not heavier than the Canon G Series. The design gave it a good grip, similar to DSLRs.  What I would have wanted is a holster to add an over the neck strap, like the G-Series, and Lumix series. It’s a bit big and heavy for a wrist strap.

The camera has Smart Pro Mode  – a series of 15 default modes and settings that make professional-looking photography easy for anyone to achieve. Smart Pro Mode will automatically adjust your settings based on the scene you chose (portrait, landscape, macro, etc). The photos I will show are the photos uploaded to my twitter account since I was not able to take home the files from the camera.

My favorite among the Smart Pro Modes are the Silhouette and the Light Race.

Smart Pro Mode – Landscape
Smart Pro Mode – Silhouette
Smart Pro Mode – Silhouette
Smart Pro Mode – Light Race

Since it’s on Android, it also has some photo apps built in to edit photos, Photo Wizard and Paper Art. You can still download your own photo editing apps over Google Play. Photo Wizard adds Instagram like effects on your photos and Paper Art gives it comical result.

Photo Wizard – Sunshine Filter
Photo Wizard – Sunshine Filter
Photo Wizard – Vintage Filter
Paper Art – Luce Filter

Samsung GALAXY Camera also has an Expert Mode for those who know how to play with Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure Compensation and ISO. Adjusting the setting is just a flick of a finger.

Samsung GALAXY Camera is perfect for Christmas, I just hope that Santa can spare around P24,000.00 for my wish.

Here is a hands on demo by Samsung:

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