Enjoy Music Better With Sennheiser

Enjoy Music Better With Sennheiser

I’ve already known Sennheiser to be a trusted brand in audio technology. They have been in the business for over years. I never thought of buying one because I know that it comes with a price. The name itself sounds intimidating (or is it just me?) It has won awards for technology for the Academy, Emmy, Grammy and others. Something to be intimidated about.

During the AstroPlus Blog Connect Sennheiser was one of the presenters  It was to my surprise that they came at a very reasonable price. Probably cheaper if not same price as the other brands.

What caught my attention are these colorful headphones. I really like how it was designed, it’s very comfortable and you get great sound quality. Special mention to the adidas Originals, the design just blew me away.

This is what will surprise you more. A DJ headphone(HD 202) that only costs around 10% of the what other brands offer, top that!

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