Spyder Assist for Motorist

Spyder Assist for Motorist

Motorcycles are now the king of the road in the Philippines as it now occupy every road in the metro. It’s fast, small and a lot less expensive than getting a car. It can squeeze in and avoid the heavy traffic line up. It has a lot of advantage over getting a car but has one greatest disadvantage, it kills.

That is the main reason why that although we have the capability to buy, we still don’t.  You may be the most cautious, disciplined driver but it does not mean all of the motorists are. Protect yourself or else you’ll end up dancing in heaven.

Always wear a helmet, not just a standard helmet, but a helmet that passes international standard.  Substandard helmets are not worth your life.

And for additional care, you can always get an insurance. What I recommend is getting the Spyder Assist™ Program own program to offer extra protection to motorcycle riders, in partnership with the nation’s leading insurance company, Standard Insurance.

  • Personal Life Insurance, covering loss of life or disablement of up to P 100,000
  • Medical reimbursement of up to Php 5,000 for accident related injuries, including moto-related accidents.
  • Crash replacement policy for damaged helmets during major accidents resulting in damage to the helmets.

All insurance related claims will be coursed thru Standard Insurance Customer service hotline at 02-8451111, and through the claims section at www.teamspyder.com/spyderassist for crash replacement discounts.

Spyder Assist™ is an innovation in accident insurance for motorcycle riders, which can be availed at the very affordable price of P150. For this small amount, motorcycle users can have the peace of mind while riding with the added insurance protection.

Get protected not only physically but financially. Get a Spyder helmet and Spyder Assist insurance.

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