Starbucks 2020 Planners and Travel Organizers Are Up for Grabs

Starbucks 2020 Planners and Travel Organizers Are Up for Grabs

Collecting stickers for Starbucks planners and travel organizers has become a merry tradition for coffee lovers. Starbucks recently launched its Starbucks 2020 Planners and Travel Organizers collection which are environment friendly with gram-worthy colors.

A few years ago it there were only planners with two designs, also in two different sizes. It was in 2019 when Starbucks released its first travel organizer in the Philippines.

I personally preferred the organizer over the planner mainly because I don’t make use of it much on a daily basis and there will be a lot of wasted space, I have my phone app to remind me of my schedules. Unlike the organizer where there are no dates, I can simply take notes without skipping pages and it has an organizer.

The Starbucks 2020 planner and travel organizer are made from high-grade eco leather covers made from Valencia, Spain. It uses purely natural substances coming from pre-consumer recycled cowhide fibers bonded by natural latex.

The travel organizers come in two colors – Neo-Mint and Coffee. The travel organizer consists of several card slots, slots for your phone and passport, a pen pocket, and a mini notebook which as three page formats – grid, dotted, and plain.

The planner comes in Berry Pink and Frost Grey. It features a hardbound leather cover brimming with meticulously embossed details of the iconic Starbucks Siren.

It comes with a fashionable pouch made from premium soft suede material with Siren logo zipper pull. Inside is a glimpse of the wonderful world of coffee discovery with several pages featuring its compelling journey from bean to cup,

Both the planner and the travel organizer comes with stickers, bookmark, and tear-off beverage vouchers that owners can use throughout the year.

You can start collecting stickers from November 2, 2019 – January 7, 2020. You know the drill, one sticker for every purchase of any tall, grande, or venti Starbucks handcrafted beverages. Starbucks 2020 Planner or Travel Organizer can be redeemed upon the completion of at least 18 stickers. Redemption period is from November 2, 2019 – March 7, 2020.