STI College – Molding Achievers and Future Leaders

STI College – Molding Achievers and Future Leaders

STI College proves utmost dedication in relentlessly providing world-class education through constant education reforms that foster student growth and development. This is reflected through STI’s carefully devised educational programs that hone its students as effective leaders of the global society.

As a response to the demands of the 21st century, STI shifted to an outcome-based approach in education (OBE) to strengthen its commitment in innovative, relevant, and real life education. The OBE is purposefully designed to ensure that all students are armed with the necessary skills, knowledge, and qualities required to meet the challenges of the modern world. With great emphasis on quality education and holistic student experience, STI strives to produce in-demand graduates and maintain its place as a class-leading institution.

“At STI, we hope to be able to continuously provide our students excellent and relevant education that would allow them to become strong players and leaders of society. We are committed to provide knowledge through constant development and delivery of superior learning systems that would make them become globally competitive,” said Peter K. Fernandez, President and COO of STI.

The institution’s fully-equipped facilities, together with its industry-grade simulation laboratories all allow for a more conducive learning and a hands-on and practical training.

To further educate and qualify its students for their respective field of studies, STI consults industry partners to understand their operations, tools, and equipment to be able to recreate them in campus for a more real life simulation. On top of this, STI heavily invests on the extensive training and certification programs of its teachers who can bring out every student’s full potential.

Moreover, STI integrates blended learning through the innovative STI eLearning Management System (eLMS). It is a web-based classroom communication tool that gives teachers and students a two-way platform where they can collaborate, assign and submit homework, and track learning progress among others. Through an online account, students can easily review their notes, lectures, and other multimedia learning materials using their gadgets at their own time wherever they may be.

While ensuring that these world-class standards are being met, STI also engages in projects that would benefit the host and surrounding communities, as the institution is equally conscious of its social responsibilities. From challenging academic events to social competitions, STI holds activities that would further mold its students as well-rounded individuals.


Globally Competitive Alumni: A Testament to World-Class Education

For thirty-five years, STI has produced graduates who are now pivotal in their respective fields through their significant contributions in the country and overseas. Some of the distinguished STI graduates have earned acclaim in the fields of information and communications technology, business and management, education, and arts & sciences.

A few of the many commendable STI alumni are Lamberto C. Armada, Michael John D. Cunanan, Felix F. Emradura, Gretchen M. Abaniel, Janine Francesca C. Pring, and Jose Agostinho T. Salvador.

Unrelenting in his personal mission to improve the means of learning in the country, Lamberto Armada co-founded and works as a Technical Director of H2O Technologies, pioneering various green technological innovations such as the Egg, a modern classroom concept for Microsoft and the Department of Education; the Hydroplus, a hydrogen blending technology for internal combustion engines; and the Salamander, the world’s first electric amphibious tricycle.

Driven by dedication, Michael John Cunanan is one of the most sought-after robotics trainer in the country, lauded for his outstanding knowledge and skills in the field. Under his tutelage, his team represented the country in various robotic competitions including the World Robot Olympiads held abroad.

Another graduate to look up to is Felix Emradura for his remarkable determination to excel. He now manages the IT Operation of the Asia Pacific and North America Group of one of the biggest multinational companies in the country.

Breaking through the list is Gretchen M. Abaniel who became the first woman in the professional boxing history to have won triple world titles in the minimumweight division.

Started at a young age, Janine Francesca C. Pring is the founder and owner of Dreametry Creative Design that provides off sourcing services for clients from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and select countries from Europe.

Lastly, Jose Salvador is another graduate who has proved outstanding skills after working for a well-known software corporation in Asia, Australia, and Europe specializing in Project Management, Financials, and Project Accounting. He is currently the President and CEO of Fountainhead Technologies.

Through continuous development and innovation, STI strives to fulfill its thrust towards achieving excellence in student education. With more than 12,000 graduates every year, STI is now one of the leading institutions in the country that highly values student development and superior learning to mold achievers and future leaders.