Get To Know Dawn Jimenez at The Latest Issue of UNO Magazine

She first came in to view in one of the love scene in the Award-winning movie On The Job. Watching her made my jaw drop, but it was nothing compared to seeing her in person. February 26 was when I get to see Dawn Jimenez in the flesh, on top of that, I get to see Bangs Garcia too. UNO Magazine does know how to spoil men.

Uno Magazine 1

It was my first time to attend and autograph signing for a magazine and I may do it over again for UNO Magazine as it is more intimate and organized according to some of my friends. Headed by editor-in-chief RJ Ledesma(who does not now RJ LEdesma). During the interview I was able to get to know Dawn a little bit more, how she started, her upcoming shows, and her love for chocolates which explains her “chocolatey”photos on issue 91.

Uno Magazine 2

The 91 and 92 issue of UNO Magazine is worth reading and keeping. Issue 92 has a couple of food related articles, places to go to satisfy your gastronomic cravings. It will take you to different kinds of hole-in-the-wall restos from North, South to Central Metro Manila. In this issue dessert comes first with chocolate-covered Dawn and a photo of her dipped on a tub of chocolate. That’s one “hot chocolate” drink if you ask me. I forgot to mention that my wife’s crush is also in this issue – Atom Araullo.

So go ahead, feel free to grab UNO’s 92 issue. Everyone deserves a bite of chocolate-y happiness and bit of atom. UNO Magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

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