Enjoy More With EnjoyPH

Enjoy More With EnjoyPH

Eating, travelling and shopping are what most people would do to have a good time, it is also the what our wallets are trying to avoid. Too much will kill your savings but there’s always SALE going on. Why go through the hassle of traffic, lining up at cashiers and the agony of waiting for a SALE?

Get an EnjoyPh loyalty and privileged card, with over 60,000 members to date and over 200 premium brand partners in over 700 locations nationwide.


By simply purchasing the membership kit you can enjoy a wide array of VIP privileges. The enjoy kit contains vouchers that has over P300,000 in savings valid for 12 months which you can also enjoy in  Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Shanghai.

Bringing the card is easy just slip it into your wallet and you don’t have to bring the the booklet to check out the bargains near you. Just download the App at Google Play or App Store for your guide.


 Privileges includes Buy One, Take One deals, complimentary entrance to the hottest nightspots, and exclusive discounts at top shopping brands and wellness centers, you can get hotel room upgrades too.

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night - shopping

life - beauty

Who doesn’t like a good deal. Go get one now!

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